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BETHANY BEACH, De — A Sand Tiger Shark was caught off the coast of Bethany Beach in Delaware Saturday night. Shark Species There is a ton of weakfish in the Delaware bay on the sites and around all the structure. Delaware has some serious rules for the prohibited species; sand bar, dusky and sand tiger sharks. Catch sand tigers in sandbars.”. They can reach about 10.5 feet in length. Since many are protected, this is their nursery, and their numbers are on the decline. “Nobody was harmed, everybody walked away healthy as did the animal so you know that’s always great as well,” he said. 2nd mako 182.5 “Reel Nauti” Note: This story was first reported by our Delaware affiliate WRDE. The shark fishing off shore has been off the hook. In the eastern Atlantic, it ranges from the coast of Europe and the Mediterranean Sea down to South Africa In the Pacific it ranges from Australia to Japan (Pollard and Smith, 2009). Sand tiger sharks are “prohibited species” to fish, according to the DNREC, meaning if one catches your line it must be released as quickly and as safely as possible. Beachgoers watched in awe as Williamson wrangled the shark with his bare hands before letting it go. Sand tiger, Odontaspis taurus. Breaking news and the stories that matter to your neighborhood. They are also a prohibited species. WIlliamson meanwhile said the incident turned out the best way possible. If you decide to get into land based shark fishing make sure you know the rules for landing sharks in whatever state you are fishing. After a video of the “wrestling match” went viral, many people on social media criticized Williamson for how he handled the situation. The bluefish action was slower at the pier this morning to almost non-existent. It inhabits the continental shelf, from sandy shorelines (hence the name sand tiger shark) and submerged reefs to a depth of around 191 m (627 ft). BIG 9 Foot Sand Tiger Shark Caught in the Delaware Bay - Shark Fishing 2011 - Duration: 6:09. mac davis Recommended for you (LOIC VENANCE/AFP via Getty Images) You’re not gonna need a bigger boat. The sand tiger sharks are thick in the surf now, they will hit all kinds of cut bait and chunks of fish. A spokesperson for the DNREC released a statement on the incident. The sand tiger shark can be found in most warm seas throughout the world except for the eastern Pacific. “They’re there and they’re pretty abundant and people catch them all of the time,” he said. This shark was released straight back to it's natural habitat after a few photos. LEWES, Delaware -- Two men made quite a catch at Cape Henlopen State Park Beach in Delaware last weekend, reeling in a nearly 9-foot-long, 350-pound sand tiger shark. It is preferred you cut the line as close to the shaft as possible, and make sure you are using a hook that will rust out. The sand tiger sharks are thick in the surf now, they will hit all kinds of cut bait and chunks of fish. Whale shark, ... 9.2 Delaware’s annual smoothhound quota will be 0.339 percent of the coastwide quota in accordance with the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission’s Interstate Fishery Management Plan for Atlantic Coastal Sharks. The sand tiger, sandbar, smooth dogfish (or smoothhound) and spiny dogfish are the most commonly caught shark species in Delaware. They are not to be removed from the water. A swimmer was recorded over the weekend catching and displaying a shark at Cape Henlopen State Park Beach in Delaware. The shark project is the handiwork of University of Delaware researchers who have collected tens of thousands of interactions between the 300 or so sand tiger sharks… Breaks Single-Day COVID-19 Infection Record With Nearly 13K New Cases, Look Inside Massive Vaccine Hold at PHL Airport, Copyright © 2020 NBCUniversal Media, LLC. No products in the cart. One of the things they wondered is it really necessary to catch a shark? The fishing so far this weekend has been decent. The Delaware bay is a breeding ground for many of these sharks, particularity the sand tiger shark. Dave Williamson was fishing at Cape Henlopen State Park when he caught hold of the large sand tiger shark, WRDE reported. possess any prohibited species at any time, in Delaware waters this would include sand tiger sharks, dusky sharks and white sharks ; possess any shark listed below that measures less than 54 inches, forked length. Big bluefish in Delaware Seashore state park around conquest to Key box area earlier this afternoon. Saturday, June 7, 2014 - 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm - Danielle Haulsee, graduate student at University of Delaware, will give a presentation on the Sand Tiger Shark. Kevin Baldwin caught a seven footer around three at Cape Henlopen. have on board more than one shark listed below except that two Atlantic Sharpnose sharks may also be on board. A video showing a Lewes man wrangling an 8-foot sand tiger shark in the surf at Cape Henlopen State Park’s drive-on beach has generated thousands of views on social media. Tomorrow we have some gnarly weather coming but it may be okay in the early morning to around noon, but don’t hold me to that. In the picture we are pretty sure due to the expression on his face, the pain killers had already kicked in and he was feeling nothing. A 477 pound thresher hit the scales at Indian River Marina today. Late last night Justin Miller was paddling out a bait when the kayak flipped. From the WHYY news magazine First, a piece on a study of sand tiger sharks in Delaware Bay. The same for the surf at Cape Henlopen, but a few fish were hooked up. In the western Atlantic Ocean it ranges from the Gulf of Maine (U.S.A) to Argentina and is commonly found in Cape Cod (U.S.) and Delaware Bay (U.S.) during the summer months. “Surf fishing and that’s one of the big things that people seem to like to do here when they’re fishing off the beaches. Ethical Catch and Release of Sharks Anglers are prohibited from landing and keeping protected sharks, including sand tiger and sandbar sharks. A shark, similar to this sand tiger shark, was manhandled by a fisherman's pal who dislodged a hook from it. A … Sandbar and sand tiger sharks are of special significance to the Delaware Estuary and its anglers. The Sand Tiger Shark in Delaware Bay Saturday, June 7, 2014. UDel assistant professor of oceanography Matthew Oliver told NBC10 that researchers captured the image while tracking sharks in the Delaware Bay. “I’ve been catching sharks on the beach for about five years now.”. Tiger shark, Galeocerdo cuvieri ... Bigeye sand tiger, Odontaspis noronhai. Details Danielle Haulsee is a graduate student at the University of Delaware. Williamson insisted that the surreal incident wasn’t anything new to him however. after a viral video showing him wrestling a shark with his bare hands at a Sussex County beach sparked a social media backlash. Aluminum and stainless steel will not rust out and stay in the shark. Big bluefish in Delaware Seashore state park around conquest to Key box area earlier this afternoon. That is why Cody and these boys are waist deep working this shark to remove the hook or cut the line. Caught by Rick Passwaters, Tom Dukes, and Darrin Payne. A 9 foot Sand Tiger Shark is caught at Delaware Bay, 9 foot is a decent size for a sand tiger. Home; Uncategorized; sharks native to delaware; sharks native to delaware “While shore-based shark fishing is allowed in Delaware, harassment of wildlife is not,” the spokesperson wrote. Have a safe weekend. Couple of keeper striped bass came off the beaches on bunker chunks. Rachel Foster, who recorded the viral moment, said she’s happy to have the memory. Accidents happen even when you are being very careful. Personally caught 2 of the sand tigers on my rod, none of the baits were dropped for more than 20-25 min before we had a shark on ”  The boys are catching some serious sharks from the surf and they are doing it the correct way. © 2020 - The Mako Mania is finishing up day two right now. The sand tiger shark (Carcharias taurus), grey nurse shark, spotted ragged-tooth shark or blue-nurse sand tiger, is a species of shark that inhabits subtropical and temperate waters worldwide. All rights reserved. They were on Fenwick Island this morning. Williamson soon realized it was a sand tiger shark. Williamson claimed he followed proper protocol and wasn’t issued a ticket by the The Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC). Dr. Carlisle said Williamson didn’t do anything wrong and that cutting the hook off and letting the shark go is far less stressful for the animal than over handling it, which could irritate the shark. I have yet to hear how things went and we will keep you updated. The boys were about thirteen miles out when they hooked up with that beast. “If you watch the video I did those things and I try to do it by the book every single time because there are so many eyeballs and camera lenses on you at all times,” he said. 1st mako 220.8lbs “Jade II” He wound up in the hospital with a very large hook in his forearm. Now we know it's also a shark-eat-shark world, thanks to scientists on a project involving the University of Delaware and Delaware State University. “Prohibited shark species must be immediately released and anglers should minimize handling them to increase their chances of survival.”. According to the Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife, sandbar sharks, bull sharks, dusky sharks and sand tiger sharks are all prohibited species to … “Once in a lifetime to see a shark that close to shore and that close to us,” Foster said. Dave Williamson of Lewes, Delaware, said he was fishing at Cape Henlopen State Park over the weekend when something caught his line. Indian River Inlet (Coast Guard Station) Tide Chart 2019, Lewes, Delaware Tide Chart 2019 Station 8557350, Murderkill River Entrance (Bowers Beach) Tide Chart 2019, Mispillion River Entrance Tide Chart 2019, Ocean City Fishing Pier, Maryland Tide Chart 2019, 2020 Delaware Fishing Regulations & Creel limits. The weather changes fast round here. Aside from being careful landing the shark you need to be careful kayaking out baits. Shark caught on Delaware beach. 3rd mako 176.7 “Outnumbered”. Due to their low reproductive rate and overfishing, possession of either species is prohibited. A Delaware man is speaking out after a viral video showing him wrestling a shark with his bare hands at a Sussex County beach sparked a social media backlash. — A Delaware fisherman caught more than he expected when he hooked a large sand tiger shark while shore fishing. While these anglers might have meant well, a … The Mako Mania standings as of this morning are below, and I am sure this will change-up today there haven’t been any updates yet. The man caught the shark at Delaware's Cape Henlopen State Park Beach over the weekend; ... Delaware's Fish and Wildlife department prohibits the capture of sandbar, bull, dusky and sand tiger sharks. Pa. DNREC, DHSS issue new fish consumption advisories. ... including sandbar and sand tiger sharks. Too bad they are not in the mania they would have landed first place for thresher sharks at this point. “Tally for today … 3 sand tigers and 1 small sand bar, caught 2 that were 8+ft 250+, 3rd one being the fattest 9-9.5 fter … Biggest I’ve ever seen, she was all of 300-350 pounds. Shark caught on Delaware beach A swimmer was recorded over the weekend catching and displaying a shark at Cape Henlopen State Park Beach in Delaware. Delaware Bay is an important “pupping area” and nursery for sand tiger sharks, and they are commonly hooked. Dr. Aaron Carlisle, a Marine Science and Policy professor at the University of Delaware, said the incident wasn’t that out of the ordinary however. Sand tiger sharks are another of Delaware’s most common shark species. A Delaware fisherman caught more than he expected when he hooked a large sand tiger shark while shore fishing. There is a rumor of a large school of bigger unicorns moving around the Delaware Bay. Last month, they were trying to recatch tagged sharks in Delaware Bay, when a bait fish helped hook a three-foot-long smooth dogfish shark, which in turn was then gobbled by a sand tiger shark. Delaware Surf Fishing - Site dedicated to fishing the surf and tidal waters of Delaware and the rest of the DelMarVa Peninsula. “It’s not a first for me by any means,” he said. Kevin Baldwin caught a seven footer around three at Cape Henlopen. Also, sand tiger sharks are among several protected shark species in Delaware and must be immediately released if caught. Discovery Channel has kicked off the start of its annual Shark Week Sunday, which will air Aug. 9 to Aug. 16. Because it is a protected species, fishermen are supposed to minimize handling of them if they are caught. Cody Gallien, Ethan Henry, Jason Satterfield, Chris DiVincenzo,  Spencer Dish, and José Guadarrama picked up a few sharks this morning. All Rights Reserved. Several weeks ago, CCG Media caught up with Symone Johnson, who helped develop a conservation plan for sand tiger sharks in the Delaware Bay.

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