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Natural soy sauces should be consumed to add flavour to meals, such as tamari or shoyu. We hope you find it useful in your journey to better health through medicated diet. Wendy Morrison • Nov 13, 2019. The health of your body, emotions, and mental functions is dependent on a health, balanced digestive system. Wont be coming back to this site. When we talk about the Spleen in TCM we use the capital ‘S’ to signify that we are not talking about the anatomical organ as in Western medicine. Your diet should contain Spleen Qi Deficiency Diet PLUS the following: ADD dried and fresh ginger, dried and fresh garlic, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper, nutmeg and eggs to the above diet to warm and improve circulation. If you experience any of these symptoms, see your doctor. What is Qi? In Traditional Chinese Medicine, spleen qi deficiency refers to your body's inability to obtain qi, or life energy, from food. water is an important part of the body’s system, that will be stated in pretty much all taoist, ayurvedic, and health writings. From a TCM point of view, algae are grown in cold conditions and they may be considered too cooling for someone with Spleen Qi Deficiency. We cover running, martial arts, yoga, aerobics, CrossFit, sports training, circuit training, weight training (mostly free weights) and many other forms of exercise. Spleen Qi deficiency with liver Yang rising: Usually occurs during the second or third trimester of pregnancy. By the time the food is heated up, there is even less digestive power. Asking a client to reduce or eliminate ice-cream would be a higher priority over other dampening or cooling foods such as tofu in miso soup, or even small salads. Raw foods are typically fermented before being eaten. • Brain fog. Sep 26, 2019 - Warming meals to nourish your spleen. General dietary recommendations to prevent Qi deficiency include eating smaller meals more frequently and enjoying meals by sitting down to relax while you eat and chewing thoroughly to savor flavors. See more ideas about recipes, meals, food. it would be great to see more Taoist related stuff. If the Spleen is already deficient, eating raw food will take up precious energy that the body can’t afford. Qi deficiency may also result from using too much qi in daily life. There are many milk and dairy alternatives if you are looking for a low fat milk, such as soya, rice and soya yoghurt which can all be consumed. Other tips include reducing your fluid intake as much as possible, and avoiding drinking heavily before a meal. Many people in the western world are constantly working or on-the-go, leading busy lives, leaving no time to relax. A meal that feeds the Spleen leaves a person feeling well-satisfied. Chewing and chewing on the same piece of information over and over, without being able to swallow and digest it may also show the Spleen needs help. Other food suggestions would include soups and stews cooked for a long time, foods using warming spices such as ginger, cinnamon, black pepper, nutmeg, and touches of cayenne. Dec 7, 2015 - In Traditional Chinese Medicine, spleen qi deficiency refers to your body's inability to obtain qi, or life energy, from food. One function of the spleen is the assimilation of nutrients from food in the stomach to form qi, blood and body fluids. • Fennel caraway tea • Baked yam drizzled with maple syrup Dairy foods and grains with gluten are considered dampening. Recipes for Self-Healing, 1999. The Chinese diet is designed to help you build chi energy and improve qi flow. Red meats are very beneficial and good for you especially when eaten rare. Some practitioners of Chinese Medicine believe that cold drink can disrupt the flow of chi. These foods are often linked with excess weight, a sign of excess Dampness. Jon Wade studied Health Sciences at the Open University, specializing in Human Nutrition and Challenging Obesity. This is common when people travel, which often brings up digestive problems. A healthy balanced diet is recommended. Having a safe comfortable home situation, and a stable routine (especially around meals) strengthens the Spleen. General dietary recommendations to prevent Qi deficiency include eating smaller meals more frequently and enjoying meals by sitting down to relax while you eat and chewing thoroughly to savor flavors. • Stuffy feeling in chest or epigastrium Looking at nutrition from a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) perspective offers new insights into our health concerns. The Spleen Qi Diet. Avoid cold food and cold drinks. • Hummus (reduced tahini) on lightly steamed veggies or whole grain pita bread Having experienced both acupuncture and Chinese herbs from a 3rd generation Chinese professional I prefer this route to the taking lots of prescribed chemicals which often either produce other side effects and/or add to the body’ toxins. Hi Devin, this advice is specific to this page / topic, and not general advice for all. Spleen Qi Deficiency means that the life force of the Spleen is low, and it won’t be able to perform its functions properly. Taoist diet advice recommends limiting eggs in general, although avoiding fried is best. Spleen Qi Deficiency can make you fatigued. Steaming or stir-frying is best. Medical professionals from Western countries say a deficiency in qi comes from numerous stress hormones that circulate throughout the body. The tell-tale signs of Spleen Qi Deficiency include nausea, poor diet, diarrhea, and flatulence. • Steamed Brussels sprouts with broccoli rabe, brown rice and well-cooked beans Copyright 2020 My Body Wisdom | Theme Customization By: www.meetgeraldine.com. Soups, stews, curries, congee and broths are best tolerated by a weak spleen qi (spleen qi deficiency). People with yang qi deficiency, for example, might have a pale face, breathlessness and cold limbs. Chronic fatigue, candida overgrowth, arthritis and fibromyalgia are often associated with people who have a pattern of Spleen Qi Deficiency. • Loose stools • Pumpkin or carrot soup Get MotleyHealth by Email -  Subscribe in a reader -  Follow Us On Facebook. Other common cold foods are drinks that come straight from the refrigerator, or drinks with ice. When this doesn’t happen a person feels tired. Based on the questionnaire in Dr. Lewis’ book, a little of my own research, and the “diagnosis” given to me by my acupuncturist back in February, my main ailments in the Eastern world are a deficiency of Spleen Qi and Kidney Yang. The Spleen governs the muscles – muscle-wasting or obesity may be due to Spleen Qi Deficiency. - Fresh Ginger Cake - Moules Marinières (Mussels) or salmon or trout with veggies - Easy Muesli Bars - Herbal tea - Moroccan Lentils - Soup with veggies and cereal. In a nutshell, create a food plan that is deeply nourishing while being easy to digest, and warm in temperature and energetics. In this article I explore one of the most common TCM pattern – Spleen Qi Deficiency. Sticking To a Healthy and Balanced Diet for Qi Deficiency . Ballentine Books, New York. If feel that you are suffering from low chi, then read on to learn how to increase QI energy and chi flow. Beinfield, Harriet and Korngold, Efrem, Between Heaven and Earth, 1991. Tuesday 2020-12-01 14:56:32 pm : Diet Plan For Spleen Qi Deficiency | Diet Plan For Spleen Qi Deficiency | | I-Am-Losing-Weight-During-Menopause So, what is the Chinese diet? • Brown rice baked with almonds and raisins and cardomom Pitchford, Paul. Liver Qi Stagnation is a common TCM diagnosis that is usually present when symptoms are worst with STRESS. Leggett, Daverick. Welcome to MotleyHealth. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), qi refers to the spleen and interpret deficiency in the abdominal organs as related to the pancreas or digestive functions. qi deficiency diet It is recommended a diet based on a wide variety of whole plant foods such as vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, seeds, and nuts such as: Fruits – pears, apples, oranges, lemons, grapefruit, peaches, limes, nectarines, plums, raspberries, bananas, pineapples, watermelon, kiwi, blackberries, papayas, strawberries, apricots, cantaloupe, mangoes, cherries, grapes… Prout, Linda. Diet: The best way to treat Spleen QI Deficiency is to eat a proper healthy diet since inappropriate diet is the most significant cause of Spleen QI Deficiency. Before we discuss how to revive the Spleen with diet, it is important to understand the causes and effects of Spleen qi vacuity dampness. If you suggest algae to a person with Spleen Qi deficiency, start with small amounts of chlorella and watch their Spleen. Flaws, Bob. In the body we might see chronic sinus congestion, hyperlipidemia, or obesity as signs of this overly damp or cold earth element. Fresh fruit which is local and seasonal including dates, sultanas, raisins, figs, apples and berries. Nutritional therapy is often quite effective at treating common pathologies based on an OM diagnosis like qi deficiency or blood deficiency, but sometimes nutritional therapy may not be enough. Qi Deficiency Diet and Dampness . Since cold and damp are Yin characteristics, it gets the quaint name of ‘Triple Yin Death’. Liver Qi Stagnation Diet . Raw foods are cooling. These symptoms could be caused by an underlying condition. In Chinese Dietetics, foods are analyzed and categorized on their energy. Western diets include many salads. Digestion is a key function of the Spleen since it is responsible for transforming food into Qi and transporting it to the four limbs. Honey, in moderation, unrefined sugar only if you must. reduce water? 2. 40 - 60% of meals should consist of complex carbohydrates like grains and starchy root vegetables. All Rights Reserved. 5 Warming tea: cinnamon, fennel, chicory, liquorice, ginger - Quinoa or rice porridge with dates and coconut. Maciocia, Giovanni. Generally the same diet principles apply to a “chi diet” as to any other healthy diet. I have often encountered clients in the process of moving homes who have more Spleen issues than usual. “Qi” is often translated as “life force energy,” but the concept is much larger than that. Spleen Qi Deficiency means that the life force of the Spleen is low, and it won’t be able to perform its functions properly. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Vegetarian food such as beans, nuts, seeds, soya bean curd (tofu) are also very good. A light walk after meals leads to better digestion and better health. Marlow & Co. New York. A sign of Spleen Qi Deficiency is a swollen tongue with teeth indentations. Eat beef, chicken, turkey, ham. Cravings for sweets and muscle weakness could also point to Spleen Qi Deficiency. If you see me sticking out my tongue, I’m really not trying to be rude, I’m assessing the state of my Spleen! We are talking about a functional system that includes physical as well as emotional and mental processes. If there are no food sensitivities, these foods will have less of a dampening effect, but they are better used in small amounts. I knew an acupuncturist who referred to milk as ‘cow snot’. ABT, NC, has maintained a private practice in Berkeley for eight years. Qi is the life force that flows through living beings and it is the energy that enables each organ system to do its job. The spleen functions best when it gets its supply of food at regular interval of times as it takes time for the spleen to absorb the nutrients of the food and digest the food. • Ginger tea sweetened with stevia, or raw honey We share insights from athletes and celebrities, as well as providing science based, fact-checked, articles on a range of fitness and wellness topics. I think this is an unfair dismissal of such a nourishing food. I also apparently have some small involvement from Liver, Blood Stasis, and Cold Uterus. Eastland Press, Seattle. A person with a healthy Spleen feels content and relaxed with an excellent ability to focus on the matter at hand without becoming overwhelmed or confused. A very good and concise explanation of Chinese medicine, often ‘rubbished’ by Western practionists to preserve their profitable existence. Less popular in the west is seaweed, such as nori and kelp. Required fields are marked *. Tongue Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine, 1987. Reduce tofu and tempeh to a few times a week rather than every day. Eat only to the point that your stomach is 2/3 full. When optimal, we are able to ride the waves of life and go with the flow. This recipe book is a compilation of over 100 recipes that incorporate certain foods and herbs to treat and prevent a multitude of diseases. Whole grain foods, such as wholemeal bread, brown rice, barley, oats, buckwheat, rye, maize, millet and quino. Ya im out. He has been researching and writing on fitness, diet and health since 2006, and has published a diet eBook. What causes qi deficiency? Building chi energy requires a combination of physical energy manipulation (through arts such as Tai Chi, Qi Ging, Bagua etc.) The general rules however are to buy fresh, organic, locally grown, seasonal whole foods whenever possible. Your email address will not be published. Milk can be very nourishing and moistening, but it’s easy to go overboard with dairy products in our a culture, and if a person has allergies or food intolerances, the dampening effect will be multiplied. Eat grains like rice, quinoa, oats. The Spleen is easily damaged by excess damp and cold. Wednesday 2020-12-02 22:37:01 pm : Spleen Qi Deficiency Diet Plan | Spleen Qi Deficiency Diet Plan | | Developing-Macros-For-Losing-Weight He has been researching and writing on fitness, diet and health since 2006, and has published a diet eBook, The Low GI Diet Plan. Nutritionists with a holistic bent often suggest booster foods such as algae because they offer a depleted person a rich supply of trace minerals and beta carotenes. Since the Spleen is an Earth element organ system, consider what happens to soil when there is too much water – it turns to mud, and things get stuck in the mud. Here are some eating and drinking recommendations for those practising internal martial arts and looking to improve their chi through improved diet. Soy is dampening so avoid soy isolate powders, soy milk and fake lunch meats with soy protein isolate. Breakfast ideas: Cooked warm Oatmeal with dates, cinnamon, walnuts and a drizzle of coconut cream (avoid dairy) Yin deficiency with liver Yang rising: Dizziness, vertigo, palpitations, insomnia with disturbing dreams, flushed complexion, red tongue or deep red tongue, and a wiry, thin, slippery, and fast pulse. • Savory millet cereal cooked with onions, cilantro, topped with nutritional yeast. . qigong diet), yoga or any other energetic art, is “what is the best diet for improving the flow of chi throughout the body?”. People with yin qi deficiency, on the other hand, might feel warm in the afternoons and suffer night sweats. Good article . • Oatmeal cooked with pumpkin and sunflower seeds, a pinch of cinamon. The Spleen also keeps the organs in their proper place so when you see clients with hernias or prolapses consider their Spleen. Eggs, fish or seafood are also good in moderation for a healthy diet. • Weakness in the arms and legs North Atlantic Books, Berkeley. • Sallow complexion Churchill Livingstone, New York. On the other hand good mental focus and the stamina for in-depth study is a sign of strong Spleen Qi. Very few foods are eaten raw in Chinese cuisine. Since the Spleen is weakened by cold and damp, the best choices for someone with a Spleen Qi Deficiency would include warming and drying foods. Others however believe that traditionally people would avoid cold drinks as they were less likely to have been boiled, and therefore more likely to contain bacteria that could lead to illness. She is a Diplomate in Asian Bodywork Therapy as certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). When the Spleen is deficient for a long time, it leads to dampness. the form of a lifestyle diet should be key whether promoting well-being or when treating disharmonies in the body. Your email address will not be published. If you believe that you may be suffering from a qi deficiency or “imbalance” — here’s what you can do. A healthy balanced diet is recommended. It is recommended a diet based on a wide variety of whole plant foods such as vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, seeds, and nuts such as: Anasuya Batliner, Dipl. Diet to Alleviate Spleen Qi Deficiency with Dampness. The Tao of Healthy Eating. If a client has dairy allergies, perhaps we could call ice-cream the Quadruple Yin Death for them. However some people recommend more organic, vegetarian food. • Bloating Sugar and fat are other dietary sources of Dampness. There are dampening/moistening foods, warming foods, cooling foods, and drying foods. While it would be a shame to give up fresh greens, if the person has a large Spleen Qi deficiency, sticking to cooked vegetables would be a better choice. This vital energy, known as qi (pronounced “chee”), has deep roots in ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Sincerely, TCM Diet Group . DEFICIENT QI WITH COLD Symptoms: above plus cold extremities and/or limbs. The Liver is responsible for the smooth flow of qi in the body. Healing with Whole Foods. Small amounts of natural sweeteners would be a great improvement over cookies, cakes, sodas and candies. To help with optimal hormonal balance and digestive health, focus on a healing diet: healthy fats high in short-, medium- and long-chain fatty acids, such as coconut oil, avocados, grass-fed butter and wild-caught salmon (very high in omega-3s) Other foods made with Wholegrain flour are also recommended, such as pasta, noodles, wholemeal biscuits, cakes, wheat and muesli. Yoga Retreats – The Best Yoga Destinations. Spleen Qi Diet – how to boost your metabolism and digestion Consume mostly organic vegetables, sauteed or lightly cooked. • Low appetite, • Heaviness in the four limbs • Fatigue 3. 1998. Foods to stop bleeding from qi deficiency: Black and white fungus/mushroom, cayenne pepper, chestnut, chicken eggshell, cottonseed, cuttlebone, day lily, gelatin, guava, leek, lotus rhizome, mugwort leaf, olives, radish, shepherd’s purse, spinach, and vinegar. Blue Poppy Press, Boulder. They would benefit from eating warming foods, like ginger, sweet brown rice, pumpkin and chicken, according to John Connor, practitioner at Compassionate Acupuncture & Healing Arts. Red meat includes beef, pork, veal, lamb, venison, or other large mammals. . Other signs to watch out for include varicose veins, hemorrhoid, and fatigue. Partly this is from agricultural methods that make raw food more likely to carry parasites, but partly it is because of the wish to keep the Spleen strong. • Edema Overall, this is the best diet for energy and health. We do have other articles in the nutrition section. Digestion is a key function of the Spleen since it is responsible for transforming food into Qi and transporting it to the four limbs. However some people recommend more organic, vegetarian food. Today, many practitioners believe that a qi deficiency can result in both physical and mental health issues. When this doesn’t happen a person feels tired. Overflows such as hemorrhages, edema or easy bruising are signs of a weakened Spleen. Fried foods and hydrogenated oils are far more dampening than the more healthful oils and fats from nuts, seeds, avocados, wild fish and grass-fed, free-range animals. Monday 2020-07-13 3:50:52 am : Diet Plan For Kidney Qi Deficiency | Diet Plan For Kidney Qi Deficiency | | Ocean-Spray-Diet-Keto These Eastern diagnoses are related closely … • Molasses (1 TBS) in hot water Desserts (small portions served warm) Heating up some ginger tea would be much more appropriate! • Lamb stew with onions, carrots, parsnips and mustard greens Would like to see more taoist related stuff. She draws on the knowledge and insights of TCM principles in her nutrition counseling with clients as well as when doing shiatsu, tui na, acupressure and craniosacral therapy. 1993. There are many other rules which are really very difficult to apply and keep a well balanced diet, so they are not included here. Physical Aspects of the Spleen. Meridian Press, Totnes, England.Maciocia, Giovanni, The Foundations of Chinese Medicine, 1989. Copyright © 2007-2020 MotleyHealth®. • Stewed dried fruits (especially figs, cherries, peaches and dates) cooked with cinnamon and/or licorice sticks. Dairy products should also be avoided, such as full fat milk, cheese, butter, lard, dripping, and other animal fats. If your diet allows meat, then try to ensure you eat mostly organic, free range white meat such as chicken or turkey. This is often seen in diagnoses like qi stagnation or blood stasis. Qi deficiency diet. 30 - 40% of the diet should be comprised of cooked vegetables. • Nausea It is highly recommended that if you suffer from any health problems that you consult your doctor before changing your diet. • Seafood stew with collard greens, kale and scallions Beverages Imagine your Spleen Qi deficient client reaching for the refrigerated orange juice on a cold winter morning. studied Health Sciences at the Open University, specializing in Human Nutrition and Challenging Obesity. Most adults of Chinese ancestry are lactose intolerant while dairy and wheat are more common in European, Middle Eastern and Indian diets. Here you will find articles and advice on getting fit, weight training, diet and nutrition, all of which can aid weight loss. Qi deficiency is also believed to be at the root of many common Western disorders, such as chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, indigestion, menstrual cramps, and others. and following a healthy diet that avoids foods that cause disruptions to chi flow. A body must heat a food to body temperature in order for the Spleen to extract the Qi from the food. There are over 1000 articles on MotleyHealth, so browse the archives and use the search box. Chlorella is considered more of a neutral temperature, and the warmest of the algaes, while spirulina is the coolest. Feeling ungrounded, or having a floating or spacey sensation may be due to a weak Spleen. I highly recommend examining your own tongue frequently to watch the changes. Generally the same diet principles apply to a “chi diet” as to any other healthy diet. Some foods give us more energy and protect us from qi deficiency or liver stagnation better than others. The character for qi (seen on the left) shows vapor rising from a pot of rice. Some poultry and fish that are high in fat and these should be avoided, such as duck, goose and haddock. I check my own tongue in the rear view mirror of my car when I’m stopped at a traffic light. Light exercise on a daily basis (especially stretching) is very important for individuals with Spleen Qi deficiency, Liver Qi stagnation, and Kidney yang deficiency. Dampness is not a friend to your body. Dampness is a physical manifestation of this pattern that brings on more health issues and takes longer to treat. Here are some eating and drinking recommendations for those practising internal martial arts and looking to improve their chi through improved diet. into the daily diet to further enhance the effect of the dietary changes. One question that many people ask when they first take an interest in Tai Chi, Chi Gung ( Live in the Balance, 2000. The combination of dairy and sugar kept at a cold temperature makes ice-cream the classic ‘bad’ food for someone with Spleen Qi Deficiency.

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