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It was the first mountain I scrambled up. Click to view large size. Panorama from summit of East End of Rundle. Mount Rundle is an icon of Banff National Park and dominates the sky over both Banff and Canmore. This one is significantly higher than the previous summits and offered some wider views especially towards the main peak. Cross the road towards two power poles situated above the We didn’t find this section being too difficult going up, but as most of you know, this type of terrain would require extreme caution on the way back. There’s at least 40 more minutes before sunrise time. The trail starts at Bow and runs by a golf course before gently climbing through the forest. On a clear day, the panoramic view is limited more by the curvature of the earth than other peaks! Follow the trail as it steeply climbs the south east ridge of Mount Rundle Mount Rundle is the first entry in my summit log. Then it covers scree and rocks to the summit. The last short section to the summit is exposed and falling rock from hikers above can be a hazard. EEOR (pronounced “Eeyore”) is a short, but very steep slog up the eastern ridge of Mount Rundle, a huge mountain separating the 12km between the Town of Banff and Canmore.Mt. Over a distance of 6.5 km you will gain almost 900 m in elevation. staying left of the exposed cliff edge. The familiar peaks including Ha Ling and Three Sisters. This scenic scramble has stunning views of the surrounding peaks from the summit. climbing routes that are located on the east cliff face of Mount Rundle. Kris Thorsteinsson Rundle Peaks . Rundle (true summit) scramble route. None of them was probamatic but there were just simply too many of them, and each of them would require difficult moves on very loose rocks and thus, mental concentration. Park at the south end of Whiteman's Pond dam, the canal just above Scrambling up towards more cliffy terrain. I’m not gonna give a rating or anything like that, but combing the initial technical moves, the looseness, and the fact you have to down-climb this, to say the least, it’s a climber’s scramble., Hi, Jerry (Yaro) Skvaril and I did this route in Sept. 19, 1999 in 12 hours (7.5 hrs up), possibly being a bit luckier on route-finding. Descend the same way you came. From this trail it was gonna be very difficult to locate the start of our descent drainage, so if you decide to go up this way, you will need a GPS waypoint. The rock on this main peak was also very loose, and combing with the terrain it really reminded me Portal Peak which I did one week ago. working your way up and over a few short rock ledges always staying left of the I do recommend this scramble because of the fun ridge scrambling but don’t recommend walking the whole way and I also wouldn’t do it on a really hot day, that valley would be scorching hot and would get old fast. rock from hikers above. Descending from the summit of Peak VI was the first technically challenging bit of our day. More like a perfect challenge. This relatively easy scramble offers great views of the Bow Valley corridor and views further south along the canal. Mount Rundle is a long but pleasant, easy scramble. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. It’s also a classic scramble that normally sees a ton of people on a summer day. And once committing to this move, we would immediately face loose scree covered ledges. Now we had to slog all of the way back, on this wide trail though. The terrain got easier briefly but the 2nd crux would come soon. The west end of this peak system with 18 summit points has a very striking slope that is often photographed from Vermilion lakes outside Banff, Alberta. The East End of Mount Rundle is also commonly referred to as EEOR. Drive Products - Mount Rundle Scramble August 6th 2011 Scramblers AS, PM, SG, RD, WD November 6, 2020. Length of trip: 11 kilometres round-trip. Looking up from just below the second crux. However, most people "lie" by climbing… There were multiple trails near the start that created a bit of confusion, but they eventually all merged together. However… Mike on a difficult step between Peak II and III. We patiently waited for about half an hour before the coldness forced us to start the traverse. This route has a good approach trail and then gains low angle slabs and loose scree slopes to reach the summit. Looking back at the east side of Rundle Traverse. Like Mount Athabasca which I did a couple days ago, Mount Rundle is another mountain that I probably don’t need to introduce. There is the option to bypass the crux but considerable more effort is required as you have to descend and then slog up loose rock, but there is zero exposure. Click to view large size. Mt Rundle is the best peak scramble in the Banff area and offers great views of Banff, Canmore and Kananaskis Country. Read farther in the Parks Canada route description and you’ll see that they attempt to convey the seriousness of this hike/scramble. Mount Rundle is a great shoulder season hike. Trailhead: You can see the long ridge of Sulphur Mountain. We used a rope for a short bit around a chockstone in the final chimney but on return just scrambled down it. The East End of Rundle hike is a popular day hike with Canmore and Banff locals. I found a break and down-climbed it which involved quite a few long reaches on questionable rocks. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is best used from June until October. Benjamin Mercier reviewed Mount Rundle Summit Trail. Terrain just above the first crux is still very steep, and loose. Goat Creek day use area to locate the trail. There are technical climbing routes up the visible face, but the safest and easiest route is hidden from view far around on the west side of the mountain. After climbing a series of switchback and crossing a major gully, the trail ascends the Dragon's Back almost directly below the summit. Average round-trip time: 7 to 8 hours. By the time we eventually dropped all the way to Goat Creek Trail, we were actually below our starting elevation. During which we did get very good views. I took more photos on the way back. This is also the beginning of the Mount Rundle Traverse, a demanding trek to mount all of Rundle's peaks from Goat Creek parking lot to the Banff Springs Hotel. The scrambling section was short and we soon found ourselves slogging on scree towards Peak III. Route Description for Mount Sparrowhawk Mount Sparrowhawk is a difficult hike or easy scramble to one of the highest summits in the immediate area. The Goat Creek Trail got washed out at places, Back to the lovely, but very busy parking lot…. The easiest route is up the back slope. west of the canal. Rundle Peaks. With the previous day's adventures in Yoho under our belt, we felt confident to make the ascent up this peak. The driest time of the summer and the best time to climb this route is July through to the first week in September. I think the bump between Peak VI and VII qualifies a separate peak (especially if considering Peak I and Peak II as separated), so the true summit should be Peak VIII, but oh well, I’ll just stick with my reference. Cascade Mountain Scrambler's Guide Cascade Mountain is the spectacular peak seen to the northeast from the main street of Banff. The EEOR summit is 2,545m (8,350 ft) in elevation and is an easy scramble with 875m (2,870 ft) of elevation gain. ridge cliffs. If the ledges 1579 m ( 5,170 ft) to summit.Although this is classified as an easy, non-technical climb or scramble it is a steep and strenuous hike to the 8495 foot summit of Mt. On clear days you can even make out Mount Assiniboine in the distance. Show more. Panorama view from Peak III. Scramble. George Palmer reviewed Heart Mountain Horseshoe Trail. The weather was gonna be gorgeous again on Sunday, and we were looking at a shorter ascent. Mt. At this point what we could do was just sucking it up and finishing it, and once we regained the ridge proper, we hiked up towards Peak V. There’re many interesting sub-peaks like this, Panorama view from near the summit of Peak V. The elevation loss between Peak V and VI was quite significant and frustrating but at least, it was mostly hiking. Easy scramble up one of the peaks surrounding Canmore. A fall on Saturday also claimed the life of a 30-year-old Calgary woman who was hiking on the east end of Mount Rundle near Canmore. People often get off-route on their descent and then try descending through increasingly cliffy terrain - this has led to several fatal accidents over the years. Mt. Near the top the terrain became scree covered down-sloping ledges and slabs. At many places we also had to down-climb one at a time since it was practically impossible not knocking down a ton of rocks to each other. short section to the summit is exposed and falling rock from hikers above can be I tried three different lines and eventually made the commitment to the rightmost of them. And, there’re still many, many rock bands like this to block our way out. The trees blocked most of our views but also blocked the sun. There was a short bit of hands-on scrambling but very brief, and we soon found ourselves on the top (EEOR, Peak I). The trail begins across the Spray Lakes road from the Mount Sparrowhawk parking lot. Continue on a worn trail towards the scree slope On my previous EEOR’s ascent I picked the direct line through a minor cliff band, but this time we aimed towards climber’s right towards the ridge line and followed it up. This 1,600m half-cliff, half-mountain ignited a lifelong passion for mountaineering in a girl from a flat land. GPX DL. Steep slabs. Mount Rundle Summit Trail is a 9.4 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Banff, Alberta, Canada that features a river and is rated as difficult. But for some reasons we decided to side-hill on its west side to bypass it. Good thing we didn’t need to climb up it. Descending from Peak VI requires difficult down-climbing. Description: East End Of Rundle is considered a scramble, classified as a class 3-4. Its north face consists of a long 500 meter cliff overlooking Canmore. Sawback Range. Above 2nd crux there were two (rusted) pitons and a rap sling, and above 1st crux there was a sling and a big rock. Mount Assiniboine is peeking out on the SW horizon and you'll be looking down at Ha Ling peak. In August 2011, I went up the west end which is the “Mount Rundle” in Alan Kane’s scramble book. Rundle is one of the most popular scrambles near Banff. While Mount Rundle is considered an easy scramble, all mountains pose hazards. After eternity we made back to the trees and took a longer break there. No mistake allowed here. By now we’d already cleared the most difficult bits on our way up, but the terrain ahead was still difficult scrambling. Click to view large size. Overall the scrambling went well until the first technical crux of our ascent, a short vertical cliff band that had no obvious break to go up. The first difficulty would be between Peak II and III, where we had to do some exposed moves on the ridge proper. ( Log Out /  East End Of Rundle is considered a scramble, classified as a class 3-4. He took a slightly different line than mine. An excellent conditioning hike. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. The descending down the main peak was simply retracing our steps, but like I mentioned earlier, it required extreme caution on scree covered down-sloping terrain. Summit: 2,949 metres (9,675 feet.) Elevation gain of the climb: 1,577 metres (5,175 feet.) The true summit (peak VII) is usually done as part of the Mount Rundle traverse (Alpine III, 5.5). It wasn’t on my to-do list until last week when a (relatively) detailed recent condition update showed up, indicating the main summit of Rundle can be scrambled via a large drainage system that’s just to the left of the direct ridge line (from EEOR side). Alberta, Canadian Rockies, Mount Rundle. Rundle’s close proximity to the town site and the relatively easy route it offers to the top often make this the first “real” climb for many visitors. Looking towards Peak VII, the main summit. Make sure you click this photo to view a full sized. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. He climbed up an old streambed and eventually got to the point where he then climbed up difficult terrain that he could not climb down and he could go no further upwards. Although this is not the true summit of Mount Rundle (a 2958-metre peak about three kilometres to the southeast on the park boundary bears that distinction), the 2949-metre main peak is the most visible one from the town of Banff and consequently is a popular objective for hikers and climbers. We were tired but not exhausted. Loose rubble on down-sloping ledges. Mount Rundle, the prominent wedge-shaped peak immediately south of the town of Banff, is one of the most popular climbs in the Canadian Rockies. Once you pass tree line you'll arrive at a large ascending meadow The series of three lakes are situated west of Banff and are fed by the Bow River in the Canadian Rockies. west of the canal. Post Summary: A step by step guide to Canada’s East End of Rundle Hike, outside of Canmore, Alberta. from Canmore. We managed to down-climb into it, but failed to upclimb the other side. Keep I have never actually met anyone who really did but ran into plenty of folks who thought they knew someone who did. Slogging up Peak VI went easy until near the top the terrain became scrambly and we were soon looking at a quite nasty notch. Photographers seek out the lakes during golden hour as they provide a sublime landscape and opportunity to spot wildlife close to town. Rundle. The Mount Baldy scramble is an easy scramble with a moderate crux. Thanks for your web-site! Only a rusted kipper snack tin on top as a register container. This did save us both distance and elevation gain, but the terrain wasn’t very pleasant. You'll appreciate an early start to Short raps would certainly simplify our business but since we didn’t bring a rope up, we would be down-climbing both walls. Rundle is a strenuous hike with substantial elevation gain and some route hazards. I did it with my dad so we did it in 4h but if you're fast hiker it's 2h30 can be good perhaps even 2h we did October 5th. By now the sun had already hit us, and we were very glad to have the most significant elevation gain knocked off in dark, as we knew it was gonna be a hot day. Ha Ling Peak (Chinaman's peak) being 183 meters shorter does not offer this opportunity. It is often under-estimated, and there are tricky sections on this for new scramblers. Steep trails, rock scrambles, and high winds – sounds like a perfect hike, right? Hiking Rocky Scramble. I didn’t remember when we eventually clear the last rock band, but apparently it took us quite a while to get back to easy terrain. It wasn’t on my to-do list until last week when a (relatively) detailed recent condition update showed up, indicating the main summit of Rundle can be scrambled via a large drainage system that’s just to the left of the direct ridge line (from EEOR side). ( Log Out /  If on quartz, we would have no way making up this step. Traversing climber’s left to avoid the first imposing cliff band. This brochure provides detailed route information and important safety tips, and helps develop skills that can also be used on other climbs in the Rockies. Goat Creek day use area to locate the trail. Unfortunately space This one was another vertical wall, but only with water flowing down it… Thankfully the rocks here are limestone. is limited at the summit and often crowded. There was a brief snow line and I took advantage of it, but that’s it. Following the ridge crest over a couple moderate hands-on moves, we quickly gained the top of Peak II, at about just a few minutes’ walk. The scrambly part could be bypassed by staying left (west) of the entire summit castle. Scramble ... Mount Fullerton Route Map. are crowded, wait for others to pass before continuing on. Description: There are The last ( Log Out /  The drainage gets bushy at places, but briefly. Mike kept traversing right for a bit and found easier terrain, but still difficult scrambling to get down the summit castle of Peak VI. After a short dip we were looking at the even longer slog to Peak IV, where a weather station tower was built on its top. East End of Rundle Route (EEOR) Scramble Map Rock climbers have created numerous trail braids from topping out on several Cross the road towards two power poles situated above the Goat Creek day use area to locate the trail. What we did find was two rap stations just above both cruxes. ( Log Out /  The true summit, marginally higher than this west peak, lies further south/east, is a technical climb that's usually done as part of Mount Rundle Canmore to Banff traverse. About Mount Rundle Mt. It was fine initially but once around a corner, the side-hilling became very tedious. We woke up that morning finally deciding to tackle Rundle, as the weather had been an issue before. Trail Map (PDF) Mt. Eventually after 13 hours we made back. Rundle’s close proximity to the townsite and the relatively easy route it offers to the top often make this the first “real” climb for many visitors. a few short narrow exposed sections located just below the summit. This was a bit out of my league given my limited experience on technical terrain. This route description is aimed at strong hikers and Super windy but amazing! We aimed for the least steep area and even so, it was still very awkward. 9838′ While Mount Rundle is considered an easy scramble, all mountains pose hazards. Mount Rundle brought me to life, but as my first summit it nearly killed me. Well, we didn’t make any commitment to try other routes so we couldn’t tell. At the imposing cliff bands we were forced to traverse climber’s left looking for weaknesses. I had spent the entire summer rock climbing, and I didn't give any thought to scrambling mountains unroped. Mike finding a break through one of the many short cliff bands on the upper part. We managed to stay on the ridge crest until the terrain forced us to descend towards skier’s right (east) side. However, we didn’t need to backtrack since there was a very loose gully on skier’s left side and once we descended it we found easier terrain on the left side and gained the summit of Peak V quickly. Vermilion Lakes reflect the iconic Mount Rundle that looms over the town of Banff. This one is as technically challenging as the 1st crux, but the rocks were not as loose. right and follow the rock ledges for another 50ms or so to the summit. Note that the peak numbers I’m using are based on Dow Williams‘ trip report. We would do the exact as suggested, that was, going up EEOR, traversing over 6 bumps to the main peak, and descending the main drainage to Goat Creek Trail and following it back to our car. Looking down from above this section. Mike just about to commit to the first crux move. The Mount Rundle Traverse: an unpublished and often gossiped about objective, but who has really done it? And once through the 1st crux and the loose and steep terrain just above the 1st crux, we hadn’t done the difficulties yet. Rundle is certainly a “bucket-list hike.” Its form, shaped like a cresting wave, saturates social media adventure feeds. Rundle. 8 hour round trip done by many. Rundle is the most photographed mountain in the Canadian Rockies and it's easy to understand why. Terrain gets easier once through the second crux. EEOR is an easy scramble, the traverse involves some difficult and exposed downclimbing, and the main summit is a challenging climber's scramble / free-solo that shouldn't be underestimated. Mike ascending a difficult bit to break through one of the many minor cliff bands. Once you reach the base of the summits cliff face, turn Mount Rundle is located across the road directly the Goat Creek day use area parking lot. And one year later, I solo ascended the east end, which is also covered in Kane’s book. August 28, 2011 2949m Banff, AB Note that this classic Banff scramble doesn't go to the true summit of Mount Rundle. If you’ve been looking for a rewarding journey in the Canadian Rockies, look no further than the East End of Rundle Hike. Head up the Spray Lakes gravel road past the Nordic centre, approximately 5.8km's The terrain was very steep around here and one slip would send us entirely down this section. Change ), EEOR is the unofficial name of the east end of the 15km Mount Rundle massif. This well marked, fun hike that has a bit of everything, from easy forest walking, to steep slabs, minor hands on scrambling, and a scree slope to the summit. Although I had done the Mount Lougheed Traverse (a more majestic alpine rock outing in my opinion), the Mount Rundle traverse had escaped my focus all these years. GPX DL. Keep an eye out for At a reasonable pace, we gained elevation quickly. Despite the fact it looked to be short, I knew exactly how far we had to descend since I’d done the west end. Can you spot Mike ready to descent the terrain just above first crux?? After clearing both cruxes our difficult scrambling hadn’t done yet. It has seven distinct peaks over 12km and the East of Rundle refers to the last peak to the East over the town of Canmore. Eventually we would traverse all the way to the drainage, but we started gaining elevation as soon as we could find a break through the short cliff bands, one after another. Mount Rundle is located across the road directly Ascend the slope keeping an eye out for falling Mike on the typical typical terrain. Same as above. Head up the Spray Lakes gravel road past the Nordic centre, approximately 5.8km's The big drainage eventually brought up back to the summit ridge at just a few steps before the summit cairn. WM used his cellphone to call for help. Panorama looking over Sulphur Mountain towards Massive and Sawback Ranges, Panorama of northwest side. Mt. It had eluded me for many years. At one place Mike bailed the ridge line towards right (east) side and found easier terrain. On the way back we did search quite thoroughly on both sides looking for easier terrain down both cruxes but couldn’t find any. On September 6, WM was hiking near Banff and headed up the side of Mount Rundle. Mt. Cross the road towards two power poles situated above the located below the talus slopes leading to the summit. The walk down this drainage was generally easy, on either boulders or forest with light bushwhacking, but took a long time. Both ends are classics, but none of them is the true summit of this mountain. At the EEOR near Canmore there is a well-known scramble, the Goat Creek hiking trail, with its starting point at parking trailhead, which starts at the Smith-Dorrien/Spray Trail just south of the Canmore Reservoir above Grassi Lakes. Following the big drainage down wasn’t easy on our knees as it was mostly rubble. Scrambling the East End of Rundle or EEOR is a popular scramble close to Canmore. Mount Rundle is located across the road directly west of the canal. One of our goals during this trip was to s Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. One month ago, I ascended the true summit of Sulphur Mountain, hoping to see a scramble route up this main peak from its west slope, but I couldn’t. I'll remember this day for the rest of my life. EEOR has many published routes of varying difficulty besides the common scramble. avoid the crowds. The terrain ahead didn’t look very scrambler friendly but since we had the information saying it being a scramble, we just kept marching up. July 20, 2013 / 6 min minute read I've read that Mt. A 30-year-old Calgary woman was killed Saturday while hiking on the East End of Mount Rundle near Canmore, Alta. Summit Panorama. located straight ahead of you. The views were fantastic from this lofty peak, and we took our time soaking in them, before committing to our descent. Down-climbing the last bit to leave the upper gully behind. a hazard. I chose to scramble directly up over a difficult step, followed by balancing over a (somehow) exposed corner slab. This worked very well and we soon made to the drainage and started following it up. Rundle, the prominent wedge-shaped peak immediately south of the town of Banff, is one of the most popular climbs in the Canadian Rockies. Rundle is one of the most recognizable mountains in Banff. are outstanding. the Goat Creek day use area parking lot. There’s a chance that we didn’t find the easiest line up but unlikely. Now it was a hike down from this summit, up and over another bump before finally reaching the base of our objective, the main summit, Peak VII. What was waiting for us was, one rock band after another. photogenic Mountain Goats here.

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