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Since Secret London HQ used to be in Holborn, this one had us a little more worried than the rest! It is no surprise that many strange tales and ghostly sightings are associated with the Underground. There are 49 abandoned stations on the 249-mile-long London Underground network – and they have all been detailed on a fascinating map of it. While hearing banging noises in the station is not necessarily unusual, the style of these noises is. This London underground ghost was Sarah Whitehead, the brother of a man who worked in a nearby bank and was unjustly executed many years ago- the very bank that gave the station its name. We pick 15 of the most haunted London underground stations…. Click here to find out more! Posted on May 29, 2013 September 3, 2014 Author Ian Categories The Tube Tags ghost stations, London underground, stations, the Tube. Ghosts on the London Underground: The London Underground is more than 140 years old, 253 miles long and carves its way beneath London's most historic sites, disturbing what was laid to rest centuries ago. That could just be because, well, it’s Bank…. Further Comments: The station is said to be haunted by the ghost of a workman who died during the construction. The station sits on the spot where her body was unceremoniously dumped, and as a result the ‘Screaming Spectre’ frequents the station to this day. Hundreds of passengers and staff Perhaps they’re the very same figures showing up on camera…, Since the 19th century, there have been sightings of a sinister figure in black stalking the passages of Bank station. For example, a group of workers reported that, when communicating through Morse code when completing work, they heard a response in Morse code, but neither party actually sent the message. On quiet nights, bloodcurdling screams can be heard around Farringdon, echoing up and down the corridors. This charming character is reportedly the actor William Terriss, who was murdered in 1897. Many travellers and staff members These 14 locations will guide you on a ghostly journey throughout London, with stops at the Plague Pits, St. Jame's Park, London Underground, and many more of the city's best haunts. The London Underground is a public rapid transit system in the United Kingdom that serves a large part of Greater London and adjacent parts of the home counties of Essex, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire.It has many closed stations, while other stations were planned but never opened for public use. In the pantheon of haunted underground stations, Elephant & Castle makes a strong case to top the list. Through the years we have dug deeper and longer, disturbing crypts and plague pits along the way. Since the station first opened its doors, there have been stories of a tall man in a hat and a cloak wandering the corridors after dark. There are plenty of other miscellaneous hauntings in the London Underground in addition to the ones we have looked at so far. Staff at Liverpool Street station are accustomed to otherworldly events and mysterious happenings. Logic suggests that the ghost of Amun-ra has been using this tunnel to travel to Holborn and snatch tube passengers to take back to his lair. At Embankment haunted London underground station, workers and janitors regularly reported hearing doors constantly shutting and opening along the station line, without being able to find any evidence of doors being opened or shut. Whilst the rail network was being built, countless bodies, graves and even plague pits.Thousands of people have died in and around the London Underground network. Our hair-raising journey takes us through the graves, church crypts … This London underground ghost was the brother of a man who worked in a nearby bank and was unjustly executed many years ago- the very bank that gave the station its name. Why did she choose to haunt Farringdon though? Truth is, there are hair-raising tales behind each of London’s haunted underground stations, each more terrifying than the last. Tube travellers are never too far away from ghosts. The smell can be explained by the fact that Bank station was built on top of a mass grave – are you sensing a theme yet? Many people believe that the long-abandoned British Museum tunnels are haunted by the ghost of the Egyptian god Amun-ra. In Hampton Court you can find the Haunted Gallery, named for the ghost of Catherine Howard, who is sometimes seen floating down the gallery. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. MATTHEW BANKS explores Charlotte Dymond's murder in 1844 on Bodmin Moor, and whether the man man hanged for it was falsely accused. The London ghost walk that is widely acknowledged as the most chilling and best ghost walk of them all. They have many tales of ghost sightings and eerie occurrences in the miles of abandoned underground tunnels. They aren’t due to delays on the Hammersmith & City line, however. Some stations were closed down because a scarcity of passengers made them … Spooky Isles is a website dedicated to horror & supernatural in the UK & Ireland, including ghost stories, horror films and haunted and mysterious places! Below is a list of the top 15 most haunted London Underground stations, in no order: Onlookers reported a man in white overalls standing on the station, waiting for a train to arrive. These London Underground Ghosts can be found in stations that have either shut down, or even in those that are still active today, with many passengers and staff members claiming to have seen these supernatural beings on many occasions. However, these witnesses also report seeing a ghostly spectral figure hanging from the side of the train. A figure has been observed on the platform late at night, and his footsteps heard in other parts of the station. Explore London by night, when crowds are at a minimum, and discover the city’s dark history on an evening ghost tour that includes a Thames River crui … Read more 2 hours 30 minutes 020 8530-8443 Monday to Friday 10.30am to 4.30pm Hearing sirens, residents streamed down the steps into the supposed safety of the station. The rumour goes that there’s a secret tunnel connecting the Egyptian room at the British Museum to Holborn. A putrid smell wafting throughout the station is also commonly reported, as well as a pervading sense of sadness. Hidden London (part of the London Transport Museum) run tours across a range of TFL property and you can’t find out more here. We’re looking for new paranormal, horror film and folklore writers. BuzzFeed Staff. Abandoned London Underground Stations can be found across the English capital. Ghosts and Legend: This court is home to one of London’s most alarming ghosts, the ‘Black Dog of Newgate’. There have always been numerous sightings of ghosts in the London Underground. Also, With suicides on the increase, ghost sightings are becoming more common. As the years have passed, rumours, stories, sightings and even evidence suggests that many of these underground stations are haunted by ghosts. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Unsettlingly, this turned out to be true, as over three thousand skeletons were unearthed in 2015, the remains of plague victims who had been buried during the black death. She’s said to walk the tunnels and mourn her executed brother, who worked at the old bank which gave the station its name. Elephant and Castle: Disappearing Young Lady. Many workers have spotted strange figures on the CCTV system in the dead of night, and passengers have reported seeing a man in overalls pacing up and down the platforms. even turning some travellers away from reaching their destinations. Just in time for Halloween, we’ve rounded up the best tales of subterranean supernaturalism. Almost a century ago, in 1928, witnesses at the station report hearing a train whistle, followed by a train passing through the station and into the tunnel after it. Read South London’s Most Terrifying Train Stations, Blood On Satan’s Claw (1970) BLU-RAY REVIEW, Hanbury Hall and the ghost of Emma Vernon. Covent Garden is right in the centre of London’s West End, its theatre district, and the station is also home to one of the most famous London Underground ghosts. Down the road from Covent Garden, the ghost of a mummified Egyptian figure is rumoured to haunt the walls of Holborn station. Many people believe that the long-abandoned British Museum tunnels are haunted by the ghost of the Egyptian god Amun-ra. Amun-ra is an Egyptian god who is assumed to use the abandoned tunnel through the London Underground and coax tube passengers into his … Since then, it has grown into a network of 270 stations and 11 lines spanning across the city. Whether you’re a believer or a sceptic, we’re willing to bet you wouldn’t fancy spending the night alone in an empty tube station. While it is commonplace for passengers and workers to hear screeching noises as trains enter the Haunted London Underground Station, these “screaming” noises seem to persist, even while there are no services running through the station. This haunted underground is not as horrifying as the rest of the members in this list. Residents to this underground train station reported hearing the noises of trains departing and arriving from the station, even though there were visibly no trains present at the time. For this reason, many believe that the ghost of Amun-Ra haunts this station and is therefore the cause of the women’s disappearance. All aboard the ghost express: London's 11 most haunted underground train stations revealed For Halloween, Brilliantly British reveal the capital's haunted train stations A … The man on the station could not see this man in overalls, even though he clearly appeared on CCTV. This station is infamous for the deaths of nearly 200 people during a confused stampede caused by an air raid test. After the train past into the tunnel, it, as well as the man hanging from the side, were never heard of or seen again, with no reports of that train being active. Read more about The Black Nun. This hair-raising documentary investigates the supernatural secrets of the oldest underground network in the world, exploring the graves, church crypts and plague pits that tube tunnels have disrupted. Charlotte Dymond’s Ghost, A Body on Bodmin Moor, Dave Prowse, Hammer Horror Strongman, dies aged 85, Una O’Connor: Universal Horror’s Excitable Character Actress, The Two Great Beasts: Aleister Crowley and the Loch Ness Monster, Oswestry market town’s murderous dark past, Evil Earth Magnetism of Bass of Inverurie, Scotland, Mermaid of Zennor, Cornwall’s mysterious maritime tale, Roche Rock Cornwall, the home of Jan Tregeagle’s evil spirit, What is Will o’ the Wisp? The ghost of Catherine Howard is known to haunt Hampton Court In London you can barely move without crossing paths with one of the ghosts of Henry VIII’s wives. But is there anything more to it than tricks of the mind? Workers at Bethnal Green station have heard children sobbing, women screaming, and the general sound of panic. Many years ago, an electrician fell onto the rails and had 20,000 volts run through his body, yet he woke up without a scratch. To our mind, that just makes it even creepier. by Becky Barnicoat. It has terrified some tube workers so much that they requested a move to a less haunted underground station, and frankly, we don’t blame them. The most notable experiences were at Aldwych , Covent Garden, Wapping, Latimer Road and Bethnal Green tube stations. Pray you don't run into the screaming woman of King's Cross. Usually, this starts quietly and then rises to the sound of a cacophony, leaving anyone who hears it understandably terrified. This confirms the presence of the “Ghost Train”. We may have a possible explanation. William Terriss, an actor born in 1847, was an extraordinarily popular figure in melodrama plays in Victorian London. Visitors of the station report strange and unpleasant smells within the station, without being able to provide any explanation for them, as well as seeing a female figure dressed in black, who has since become known as the black nun. There are rumours that there is a secret passage connecting the two stations, specifically Holborn Station to the Egyptian Room. The London Underground tube network has 270 stations, but even before the coronavirus crisis drastically reduced the number of passengers and trains, another 50 … Leicester Square is one of the busiest stations in the haunted London underground and is therefore no stranger to waves of noise day in, day out. Whether there really is an angry ghost from an ancient Egyptian wandering the murk here or not, it is a pretty eerie tale all the same. Allegedly the debonair ghosts' appearance is so freaky that London Underground staff have even submitted transfer requests to escape his presence. A young woman with long, brown hair walking the length of the station. 9 Creepy-As-Hell London Underground Ghost Stories. Furthermore, two women vanished form the nearby Holborn station, with witnesses reporting the sounds of ghostly moaning occurring around the time of their disappearance. Liverpool Street: The Man in White Overalls, 7. If you’ve missed out on tickets, I’d advise signing up to their mailing list to be the first to hear about future tours of subterranean London shelters. Onlookers report seeing an elderly lady knelling next to his unconscious body, stroking his hair. Following this, many janitors and workmen in the statin report seeing and hearing a ghostly female figure patrolling the lines, with many believing that the ghost is an actress who has not enjoyed her last curtain call. Maybe they’ll turn you into a believer after all…. doors slamming on the station, without being able to see any figures or provide Was this a spirit from beyond the grave trying to tell them something? The screaming is rumoured to be the work of Anne Naylor, an apprentice hat maker who was murdered by her employer in 1758 (imagine if that’s how The Apprentice ended each week…). Read about the Bethnal Green Tube disaster here. Furthermore, almost every worker in the underground line reports that while they are working, they get the strong feeling that they are being watched as they go about their day. It can all be traced back to a dark night in March 1943. You have entered an incorrect email address! There have been some ghostly goings on out in the East End, and there’s a truly sad history behind them. The London Underground is now over 150 years old and stretches over 250 miles of track underneath the historic city of London. But when he reached her, simply passed straight through her. Photo credit: youtube/FacelessKnights Updated 2/10/2020 – While these were just usually rumors about apparitions usually appearing near the subway, it seems that … If you’re afraid of the supernatural, might we suggest avoiding the Bakerloo line from now on? This ghost is said to be a former prisoner, who in 1596 was starving to death, along with others in London struggling from a famine. However, the sheer malevolence of its resident ghost means that this is a truly terrifying haunted underground stop. More than one billion people use London underground annually, yet few of them know just how haunted the tube really is. A 2005 Channel 5 documentary on ghosts on the London Underground reported that a ghost has been seen many times at the Covent Garden tube station, identified from a photograph as Terriss, though sightings have lessened over the years. Underground Ghost, reportedly sending shivers down the spines of grown men, As one of the deepest stations in East London, Bethnal Green was doubling as an air raid shelter when the Luftwaffe circled for an attack. Ok, so no trains have been through the abandoned British Museum station in over eighty years. London is home to countless disused tube stations, steeped in history. Tragedy struck when an anti-aircraft gun went off nearby, and started a panicked rush which led to a stampede. Reports of these terrifying sounds are remarkably frequent throughout the years, so it looks like this phenomenon isn’t dying out any time soon. It is believed the black nun is unable to get over the death of her brother and haunts the station to search for him. What is the reason behind this many eerie noises within this underground station? Within the station, the screams of women and children have been reported by hundreds of witnesses. Many years ago, the actor used to visit the bakery that was knocked down to make room for the station, which may explain why he haunts this area. The London underground train system is famous worldwide, allowing residents and tourists of the capital city to get from any point in the city to another as quickly and affordably as possible. Frozen, waiting for trains that will never arrive: ghost stations in London (abandoned underground railway stations) offer an eerie glimpse into the city's past. Ghost. across many years have reported hearing running footsteps, tapping noises and Unlike the others on this list, there are no suggested explanations for the ghostly woman and her everlasting Oyster card. The station was rumoured to be built on a mass burial site, which is admittedly a bit cliché. We investigate the supernatural secrets of the oldest underground network in the world. Led by author Richard Jones. Click or tap for larger version. The station is no stranger to odd tapping noises, footsteps made by invisible people, and doors being thrown open without warning. This station exists on the site of what used to be the old Royal Strand Theatre. Since the majority of the stations that closed in central London were abandoned after 1930, a map of the railways as they existed in 1929, that's been annotated to show which Underground stations have closed or changed their name since that time is available. It's not hard to find ghost stories in a big old city like London. DAVID SAUNDERSON highlights some of the most interesting. It is believed the black nun is unable to get over the death of her brother and haunts the station to search for him. On guard on the night watch bravely approached the location of the man while another watched on CCTV. Whether he’s looking to avenge his death, or is simply angry at his lack of cronuts (we feel you, Will), his apparition makes for a chilling sight. He’s no Casper the friendly ghost, either; people have blamed him for the disappearance of two women from neighbouring Holborn station in 1935. An employee of the London Underground who saw his ghost in the Station in 1955 …and who subsequently identified him from a photograph of the actor that was taken in his hey-day….described him as very tall and distinguished gentleman “wearing an old-fashioned grey suit with a funny looking old-style collar and light coloured gloves”. If you want to encounter the darker recesses of haunted London, then be sure to join the only Ghost Walks to be led by Richard Jones - an internationally renowned authority on the ghosts of London who has written 22 books on the supernatural and who has been conducting walks around the Capital's most haunted places since 1982. Storyline More than one billion people use the London Underground annually, yet few of them know just how haunted the tube really is.

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