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Hallo and welcome to the expat community in Frankfurt, Germany's financial and economic center, nicknamed "Mainhattan" which can boast postcard scenes of classical architecture alongside the conveniences of a modern city center. Frankfurt Nightlife- Where to party in Frankfurt. EXPAT PARTY Frankfurt. Then welcome to Expat Party the Coolest Wildest International Party Crowd in Frankfurt With already over 1300 party people on board it is our aim to organise the best party events in Frankfurt and elevate the Citys nightlife and your social life to new levels of PARTY MANIA!! Housing prices are going nowhere but up (+17,1% between 2011 and 2016) and Frankfurt is now the second most expensive German city to rent an apartment in. Apfelwein is Frankfurt’s signature drink par excellence. Travel insurance in Frankfurt Enjoy stress-free travel to Frankfurt. Rented housing in Germany usually comes without furniture. Frankfurt's International Expat Community The Frankfurt-n-Motion Sports & Social Club is about building an outstanding integral international expat community including Frankfurt expats, locals, & other groups and persons from the Frankfurt international community. In Germany, income tax is progressive, starting at 14% and rising incrementally to 45% for very high incomes. Despite being one of the world's smallest metropolis, Frankfurt is a known to be a global city. Hello Frankfurt ppl I am looking fo a big Halloween Party to go to with friends on Sat. Frankfurt is the second richest city in Germany, but the uncomfortable truth is that disparities between haves and have-nots in Germany have risen sharply since the 2008 financial crisis. Fireworks and events at New Year We are your new family abroad for all those who are far away from family and friends :) It is around 15 km away from the city of Frankfurt, and it takes about 20 minutes to arrive by a suburban train that runs every fifteen minutes between 05 and 23.30h. My kids are now in all day kindergarten and I'm looking for like minded ladies to meet for a coffee and a chat around Frankfurt and/or the Taunus. Making international friends and getting to know other ways of living is easier here than anywhere else in Germany. Living in Frankfurt Frankfurt's most popular Expat blog. ... Official InterNations Frankfurt Goodbye Summer Rooftop Party! Besides, with around 180 different nationalities represented in Frankfurt, you are sure to find someone who shares your culture and/or language. My husband is here on an assignment, we have been here for almost 2 years and are set to be here for at least 2.5 more years. Registrieren. So let’s take a look at what life in the financial capital of Europe is really like – based on the views of an expat who actually lives there: me. Hey Everyone!! 1 talking about this. InterNations provides you with comprehensive guides and tips for moving to as well as living and working in Frankfurt. Towns in the Taunus area north of Frankfurt and Wiesbaden and Mainz to the west are popular among expats. The drinks are rather expensive. Welcome to the Expat Family Frankfurt! Our "Expat Sundowner Picnic @ Maincafe" will be located at the same location like last time... on the grass right in front of the Main river... close to the Main Café! The consequence? 159 likes. Tag: party. The Best Expat Recommended Banks. The Hessian metropolis suffers a demand for affordable housing that far surpasses the available supply. I love to party on the weekends....I know the rules in India ;p but want some advice on partying Frankfurt/Darmstadt! For this reason, many expats can barely hide their excitement when they land a job here and get to know how high their gross salary will be. Germany’s booming economy and its low unemployment rate make Frankfurt attractive from both an economic and professional perspective. How are you feeling now?”. Furthermore, if you are a member of a church, you will also have to pay tax. With already over 1,300 party people on board, it is our aim to organise the best party events in Frankfurt and elevate the City's nightlife and your social life to new levels of PARTY MANIA! Open Expat Meetup Frankfurt: "Inti Culti" (Social & Culture) 6,260 Friends of Open Expat Meetup FFM Expats in Mainz. If you live in Frankfurt, all major German cities can be reached within a 4 to 6-hour window. In the multicultural, financially-strong Mainhattan negatives are few and far between. John is a British expat in Frankfurt and has lived there for 8 years. Toggle Sidebar. In Frankfurt, you are more likely to hear English, Spanish, Hindi, or Turkish than German. Frankfurt has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Germany and attracts thousands of expats every year. :), Dog Walking @ Taunus Forest Forellengut 20190127, Dog Walking @ Taunus Forest Saalburg Kais Garden 20190127. > Expat Party in Frankfurt, Germany > Pickwicks English Club in Frankfurt, Germany > Hash House Harriers in Frankfurt, Germany > American Women's Club of the Taunus (AWCT) in Frankfurt, Germany ... Expats in Mexico continue to rate the country highly. Hey my dear international Doglover friends :), (In case of bad weather we´ll meet @ Apfelwein restaurant "Frau Rauscher" in Alt Sachsenhausen, Klappergasse 8). 159 likes. You should, however, prepare for shocking scenes of inequality, high taxes, and outrageous housing prices – among other things. He clearly disagrees with the rest of Germany's viewpoint and he explained to us why he thinks it is a top expat destination. FRA or Frankfurt Flughafen is one of the largest airports in Europe. Expat Exchange: 5 Tips for Living in Frankfurt Expats often move to Frankfurt for jobs in finance and IT. In the past, the city’s red light district was an area to be avoided due to sex shops, bordellos, crime, and drugs. Despite the übercool gin & tonic-bars, some corners of the Bahnhofsviertel still show a sharp contrast between bankers in suits, hipsters, homeless people and drug dealers – painting a highly-shocking, but also representative picture of inequality. Expat parents moving to Frankfurt with children will have a number of different schooling options. Neue Gruppe gründen. 29.oct Protected content, any hints as to where the coolest one is? Be prepared to wait in a queue of dozens of people at open-house viewings.. Fortunately, most employers offer expats professional assistance in finding suitable accommodation. 56,435 members on the Germany network. Large European cities like Amsterdam, Paris, Luxembourg City, Bern, or Brussels are less than 5 hours away. PARTY Frankfurt forum. So if you’re moving to Frankfurt and are looking for affordable furniture to fill an apartment short-term, it’s worth shopping around the local flea markets or checking the most popular second-hand classifieds sites. EXPAT PARTY Frankfurt. Find useful info to make the most of your expat project and get in touch with expatriates. In other words: Frankfurt is where all monetary policy decisions – for an area that houses around 330 million people – are made. We are your new family abroad for all those who are far away from family and friends :) Salaries in Frankfurt are considerably higher than the German average. With the confidence of someone who thinks that nobody can actually understand what is being said, I spent 20 minutes explaining in great detail how bad my last visit to the dentist went. For all social, respectful and friendly expats (families, couples, singles, kids... and OF COURSE as always doggies!!!) Your life as an expat in Frankfurt is not complete until you have enjoyed a glass of traditional Apfelwein (Apple wine) in a Kneipe (bar) in the historical district of Sachsenhausen. It's been long enough where I feel very comfortable with getting around the city, rented an apartment, explored all the bars/restaurants, and traveled around Europe like Europeans do. Frankfurt is a particularly popular city with the Germans, it has a domestic image of being a grey, concrete city with little culture.

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