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Clear the box to return to the full glossary. Physical Education Glossary Note: This glossaryprovides definitions for some ofthe terms usedin the physical education standards andgrade-level outcomes. We provide high quality and informative educational materials that help both teachers and students excel in their academic ventures. Adapted Physical Education (APE): Specially designed physical education program, using accommodations designed to fit the needs of students who require developmental or corrective instruction in PE. An A-Z of Higher education buzzwords, terms, and definitions that matter in a post-secondary education environment with Top Hat's glossary of terms. "National Research Council. Glossary of education terms (A–C) Glossary of education terms (D–F) Glossary of education terms (G–L) Glossary of education terms … Glossary of Education Terms charter school A self-governing educational facility that operates under contract between the school's organizers and the sponsors (often local school boards but sometimes other agencies, such as state boards of education). The MedEdWorld Glossary is a dynamic database that is a source of information about the expanding vocabulary used in medical education. is constantly striving to make sure that we're one of the top teacher resources on the Internet. Each term is supported by an appropriate reference. Inclusive Teaching: a mode of teaching that intentionally designs course content and curricula to engage with students of diverse backgrounds, abilities, and lived experiences. Glossary of Educational Terms. To try and help you navigate our website and our catalogues we have listed some of the most common terms below. 2001. The termsand definitions included hereare not meant to bea comprehensivelist of essential concepts and ideas in physical education. The … The top acronyms and terms used in education recruitment and schools In the world of Primary, Secondary and SEND education, acronyms are used every day and can often be overwhelming. Suggested Citation:"Glossary of Education Terms. Further For suggestions about additions or changes to the glossary, please contact us. The Glossary of Education Reform. If you have questions or comments regarding the first edition of The Family Dictionary of Education Terms, please contact the Office of the Education Ombudsman at 1-866-297-2597 or at . If you are confused about all the different terms you have come across while preparing for a teaching job, this glossary will help you understand the jargon of your new profession. The follow articles comprise the glossary of education-related terms: . Hidden Curriculum. Visit our Website: The following list contains special education terms, definitions and acronyms that are commonly used by schools during the IEP process. The Glossary of terms is continually being reviewed and extended to include new terms and phrases. chance of miscommunication, whenever you hear education terms that are new to you, ask the person using the term to define it. This glossary is designed to help new and existing teachers and support staff understand the terms used in educational facilities nationwide. Dictionary of Educational Jargon. Educating Teachers of Science, Mathematics, and Technology: New Practices for the New Millennium. To find a specific word or phrase, enter it in the search box below. The review of higher education 30(4). Teacher Dictionary. Many UK and International educational terms are unfamiliar to some schools and booksellers. Glossary of Education Terms This page explains the terms and acronyms used in California’s education system.

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