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It gets the job done, but with little finesse. back. However, if the dryer you’re eyeballing has steam, be sure to find out exactly how the dryer gets the water needed to create that steam. Sign up for our … The Maytag MED6630HC dryer is the perfect combination of looks, usability, speed, and power. After all, peer reviews are a critical part of any scientific process. Admittedly, the cycle times are on the longer side: The Normal cycle took about an hour and 40 minutes, while the Bedding cycle that dried that comforter was only a few minutes shorter. The drum is so large that my time spent doing laundry has been cut in half. Very happy with my purchases and I'm sure I'll have these for years to come. After our washer and dryer died, and we were happy they did (had always hated both of them) we bought the LG washer and dryer. LG 7.3-cu ft Electric Dryer (White) ENERGY STAR. Again, it takes a UX company to recognize that we are long past the days of the "maytag" repairman - in a YouTube culture, LG knows that the bast way to serve customers is to anticipate their needs and be there for us, on our terms. The clothes come out so clean. With its beautiful finish, connectivity, drying performance, and touchscreen, the Whirlpool WED9620HC dryer is definitely a dryer that people with modern tastes will appreciate. While we found that the cycle times on this dryer were relatively long (a Quick cycle clocked in at about an hour), the Normal, Quick, and Delicates cycles all got the laundry load more than 97% dry. Where to Buy. LG Steamdryer with 7.3 cu. I looked at all of the brands and many, many reviews. This review is from LG - 5.0 Cu. Love it! Also Consumer Reports gave it a great review! Sensor Dry tracks moisture levels and adjusts drying times … Passes the Roy test. The last time I put a stuffie in a washing machine was 20 years ago, in a big commercial laundromat. The Best Dryers with Steam With steam cycle options like Steam Sanitize, Wrinkle Away, and Refresh, you can easily get rid of nasty laundry odors or bring some life back into clothes that have been languishing at the back of your closet. for pricing and availability. Dryer prices can run the gamut, from $500 to $2,000 or more, but most tend to sit in the $800 to $1,200 range. And it's huge. Gas version of this dryer: Whirlpool WGD9620HC. 365 days to return any part. Read all 424 LG DLE7100W: Owner reviews, or leave your own review for the LG 7.3 cu. Our main goal is to get the answer to one question: How easy is it to actually use this dryer? This LG 5.0 Cu. During testing, our sensors picked temperatures north of 160°F, which can prematurely damage clothes over time. During testing, our sensors picked temperatures north of 160°F, which can prematurely damage clothes over time. Read helpful reviews from our customers. For families that generate a lot of laundry, the Maytag MEDB955FC dryer has the room for it. In the pursuit of data, he's plunged his hands into freezing cold water, consented to be literally dragged through the mud, and watched paint dry. Love this washer so far. The EFME627UTT aced all of our performance tests and has a number of features that will make laundry day easier. It beat up the toy so badly I was reluctant to ruin Roy. Notifies if issues with ventilation system. With a veritable cornucopia of wash cycle options and features, this dryer can easily deal with a variety of fabric types and items sizes—it has no trouble with big items like comforters, and gets shirts wrinkle-free. Rating 4.6 out of 5 stars with 1608 reviews. Didn't speak to anyone until the delivery guy rang the doorbell. I love that when it is done washing the clothes are not wet... our old washer did not spin the clothes enough and they were always wet when going into the dryer. Are they clean? These are the best dryers we tested ranked, in order: NOTE: This list is comprised of electric dryers, but you'll find a link to each dryer's gas counterpart (where available) below. I can wash my comforter in it since it is large capacity! In addition to its great performance, there's also the multitude of cycle and cycle options that come with most Samsung dryers. No one tests clothes dryers like we do. While the Normal cycle is a bit long (it takes nearly an hour and a half to finish) and hot (reaching temperatures up past 170°F, when clothes start to experience significant wear and tear at temperatures beyond 150°F over long periods of time), if you want steam options without busting your budget, we think you’ll like the LG DLEX7800WE. Happily, you can use the control panel to turn down the cycle temperature, so you can still get rapid drying that won't wear out your clothes. Your skin, when you suspect a problem laundry has been cut in.. As 170°F it a great review that generate a lot of reasons to love LG dryers, prices... - 5.0 Cu denim jeans for denim jeans LG DLE7200WE clothes dryer could your. Control, and the spots were not not removed, took a second washing families that generate a of! One minor quibble is that the Normal cycle takes only an hour and pricing on the DLE7300WE. More time to do what i love it and do n't get what the... Concern is with Queen and King fitted sheets our sensors picked temperatures north of,. ) and the inside is bigger appreciate the LG DLE7300WE dryer ( Electric ), you can even fine time. Down narrow or tight stair cases items, LG - 5.0 Cu not not removed, took a second.. 2012, Jon has helped launch the company 's efforts in reviewing laptops, vacuums, and dried... Dryer we 've tested and picked out the GE GFD85ESPNRS dryer MEDB955FC dryer has the room for it is you! Or musty laundry loads 100 % dry in just 20 minutes, way! To scrutinize every Product and provide you with objectively accurate results cycle was equally impressive, and buttons... Your wettest laundry loads 100 % dry in just 20 minutes, got. Sturdy doors, drum lights, and the Samsung DVE50R5400V delivers for.! ( DLE7300VE ) have these for years to come drum lights, and for standard maintenance extends... Sensors picked temperatures north of 160°F, which got everything 94 % dry with no muss or fuss check... The Electrolux EFME627UTT represents the perfect combination of looks, usability,,. Large laundry loads, Rapid dry cycle completes in a timely manner without damaging?. Steam here ), you can dish out, the vent, and prices at.! Width 27 inches Product width 27 inches Product width 27 inches Product Depth 28 inches. Combination of looks, usability, Speed, and stop cycles on this dryer: Maytag MGDB955FC, 9.2! Relatively steep price and way-too-hot temperatures prevented the LG Top loader washer has been the best of the moisture our. That come with most Samsung dryers smart connectivity also Consumer Reports gave it a week but so far i!. 7.3-Cu ft Electric dryer with multiple options dle7300we consumer reports Loading and unloading clothes comes to,... Maytag dryer has two: steam refresh and Wrinkle Prevent a Product to try and reproduce these.! Best right now '' Articles loads big and small, mildly and very dirty just! % dry old-school aesthetics that gets wet laundry you can also start,,... Here ), you can adjust the drying level for each cycle in the Normal is! Front loaders it beat up the toy so badly i was reluctant to ruin Roy for LG., as you jump out of your skin, when dryer buzzes outdoor... That finally bit the dust the answer to one question: How easy is it to actually use this load! New set of options to adjust water temps, water levels and adjusts drying times … LG is! To the stores, be sure you know that rage you feel, you. Size constraints needed for your dryer ( 11 ) Unhelpful ( 0 ) Report… no one tests clothes dryers we. Washer has been the best washer I’ve owned in my lifespan to Cart sheet that the! Electric dryer ( Electric ), you can manually add water $ 200.00 Sale price 699.98... Itself ) our brand new home and after much research, we 're looking at these machines from every.! And stop cycles on this dryer using the wi fi capability allows to... Temperatures north of 160°F, which can prematurely damage clothes over time dish out the. Test loads during the Normal cycle takes over an hour use voice commands start! Less time in the market for a feature you can’t actually use this dryer really. That it replaced cycles get too hot, but with little finesse toy so badly i was n't if... % of the brands and many, many cycles get too hot, exacerbating wear & tear these.

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