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Mormons make an excellent test case for evolutionary biologists for two reasons, Wade said. For the men who think it is okay and talk it up, I wonder! If the family doesn’t have enough financial resources, the members won’t have access to nutritious food all the time. Monogamous individuals often raise these concerns. There is also group polygamy, in which there are several husbands and wives in the relationship. Fine! If you want just one man, then we need to state that. 1. 4. Humans are MORE than the simple brainstem these days. Do humans choose polygamy for similar reasons? The legal status of polygamy varies widely around the world. Barber, N. (2008). You say an extraordinary man when you share it, but what if he is extraordinary anyway, even with you being his "one and only"? Sheez. The second major problem with this argument is that it downplays social consequences, which are completely inextricable from the human experience now. In june 2014, the woman I met in 2008 will move to my city with our son and I will provide a home for them regardless. So, I stay out of the dog house but stay firmly behind the fence. Having economic resources facilitates polygamy for humans consistent with resource-defense polygyny in birds (reason number 3). They could try and solve this with communication for a more amicable separation, nevertheless I can imagine for a while it will be really painful. This suggests that any potential benefits … First, they keep precise genealogical records. I desire to become a great person, and if I cannot do so, then at least my children, and whichever women marry me, will be able to build upon the foundation that I have set and build a bigger, as well as better, culture to be that example to the world that it so desperately needs in modern times. I am sorry, but what you say about it being in the Bible.. That is absolutely laughable. It all comes down to commitment. If when they crashed your car they ran away? You could, but that makes you quite despisable, untrustworthy. 2. That you bear the burden of having other women in secret and not completely your fault? I wonder why? In my study, I also evaluated a number of “explanations” for polygamy that are routinely trotted out by social scientists and other observers in developed countries who find polygamy repulsive. Can't get much more unfair than that! Blaming the Pandemic Could Help Your Relationship, Psychology Today © 2020 Sussex Publishers, LLC, A Memory Exercise to Rekindle Your Relationship’s Romance, Scientists Pinpoint Gut Bacteria Associated With Depression, CBT-E and FBT for Adolescents With an Eating Disorder, Noise Pollution Hampers Animal Communication. And if so, one way or another you cannot complain if the world is ever unfair with you, because you are part of that unfairness. First, there may be a scarcity of adult males. I could say the same about men.. Why wouldn't women need younger men because of their higher quality in so many aspects! Do you think we wouldn't like someone different? In the modern world, it makes much more sense for a woman to have several husbands. We can point to the past all we want, but we're making this all up as we go along, and if there's one thing history has shown us so far, it's that mindlessly sticking to past precedent isn't always the best idea. So that, please state it before involving with someone. If we had different world to experiment with and different populations then maybe we could compare them and get to know). If there was any sort of religion it was different than how we know it today - the most predominant ones. All I have now is a guy who passes gas, grabs--rather than touches, gropes--rather than feels, French kisses like a gorilla (sorry to that species), never listens to me and doesn't care if it bothers me, ogles other women--always commenting on breast size, and gripes about my lack of passion. Most countries around the globe ban or restrict marriages to more than one spouse at a time. Bah! Yet if women cheated and had somebody else's child, how could they know that? It's nothing happy or beautiful believe me! Screw yourself! But with the rise of agrarian culture also came the rise of large-scale societies, spanning continents, changing ALL the rules. And when you feel the attraction, for the love of your partner just protect your heart! According to Henrich and his research team, which included Profs. And when did we begin to be in competition with women too - to be more attractive than? If you want to go polyamory, go ahead, but state it before getting in a relationship with another person. Consequently, people’s rights to privacy will be protected by such laws, ensuring that they will have the freedom to live life the way they wish to. Both can leave for months to take care of their child, with actually is beneficial to the child. Robert Boyd (UCLA) and Peter Richerson (UC Davis), these crimes are caused primarily by pools of unmarried men, which result when other men take multiple wives.". Claiming polyamory is a result of mental illness clearly comes from people with ulterior motives and lackluster educations, but it’s also silly to discount the real benefits people in both the polyamory and polygamy world enjoy. Even in today’s modern times, there are countries that allow men to legally have multiple wives, as long as they can show that they can financially support their wives and children. Just like anything else, polygamy can bring about certain benefits but also has its drawbacks. It's not worth it for a woman. I hope the woman I met in 2009 does not leave when that happens. Your excuse sounds of the kind who say: "Ahh, because my parents told me not to consume drugs I felt more driven to consume them!" But because polygamy has so many clear side effects—girls are typically assigned to a man at an age far below the age of consent, large groups of boys are often expelled from these communities, children are generally kept from receiving any kind of education—it is possible to know when and where polygamy is being practiced. If you can no longer handle being with a wife that doesn't give you sex and you need to bang a young girl then you need to do the decent thing and divorce her. Polygamy is known to occur in… Read More; mating system. They too are better than older men. Polygamy to monogamy. Off to husband number three who's only 22 and ready for anything!! Women are objects with virtually no legal rights, such as the right to an equal share of and ownership of her husband's income and property, and women don't even have legal rights to their own children if they decide to leave their husband. Same for the polys), or just stay together and continue to nourish your relationship. That is why they put themselves above, many rules to control women, to keep them at home, to keep them from working and thus being dependent on their man, so they couldn't leave, so they couldn't cheat. Just because men want the younger ones, or feel unsatisfied with just one partner. The third major problem? A lot of the comments that are implying wrong think for having beliefs that are opposed to their own is really downright silly. I cant really find any fault with plural relationships in the same household as long as it does not involve marriage since this would divide assets unevenly . Blog post. In the scenario involving one man impregnating 100 women, no consideration is given to how those 100 children would be raised and provided for in the 20 years it takes a human child to reach adulthood. So much for birds! The outcome will chiefly benefit Muslim men with more than one wife, as is permitted under Islamic law. My dad's wives were the farthest thing from friends. Laws that support polygamous unions should give people a chance to choose what makes them happy, especially when it comes to marrying whom they love. It is obvious that everyone wants to be free to associate, choose, decide and so on, and this applies to the practice of polygamy. I saw her secretly for four years. Makes perfect sense to me, what if the man loved your friend more than you.screw you and your senses. With our earth so dangerously overpopulated, a male impregnating 100 women is not only no longer biologically necessary, but is a danger to human survival. I'm afraid polygamy will make a pig of me. Instead of having the right to obtain a legal divorce and child support, a wife or a concubine is usually just killed, instead. Many people believe that polygamous relationships are unhealthy simply because there are several individuals involved. First, instead of a scarcity of males, developed countries have an excess, thanks to better public health that saves more males than females. (And at least according to Big Love, polygamy might offer other benefits to women: Bill's financial, emotional, and sexual headaches are the main engines of … Why women put up with one man is a pure mystery. Females standards start to get higher especially if a country is extremely developed because they can afford to be picky and go after 20% of the high value men they hold out for years and years instead of settling or at the least having realistic expectations by lowering their standards to look for a guy who they can make better or has good values and personality. It takes an aggressive male out of the picture for the majority of the time and allows the woman to live the life she chooses while having all the benefits of the man and none of the negatives. King Solomon, for example, was said to have 700 wives, while the prophet Muhammad was said to have 11 wives. You have it very wrong, my friend, in that older women don't want sex.. VEEERY. We see it even nowadays.. Countries attacking countries.. Can you not get a grip of your impulses? The reality is that the concept of marriage is to make you essentially a hive mind when you need to be one and individuals when you need to be so in your lives. I'd love to have different hands on me. Men are naturally and biologically made polygamous in nature, man is made to spread his seed. In many cases, polygamy is used to keep the ties between two families. Your personal ideal world is one of misery, death, and warfare. That has been going on for many years. The ones who usually commit violence are men, yet if we could understand that is not an attitude of theirs, just as shyness or submissiviness for example, are not just women characteristics, then we would be able to embrace kindness as both male and female, generosity, and so on... A father who is monogamous and participates actively and equally with his family is less likely to be violent. Many societies see polygamy as something that doesn’t abide by natural and religious laws. Great! Humans are still animals and will engage in animal behavior regardless of what time, era and conditions there are even in developed times they will have the behaviors. This can be harmful for younger children, who need vitamins and minerals to develop physically and intellectually. Evil women like Aileen Wuronos and the Countess of Bathory, as well as righteous women warriors, such as Joan of Arc, proved that in spades. I don't think it is neither right or wrong. Third, believe it or not, but men fight not necessarily to prove dominance per se, but, rather, to protect their own, as well as those strangers that need their aid, just like women typically do in their lives. Although plural marriage is banned in developed countries, it is surprisingly common, and popular, elsewhere with 55 percent of women sharing their husbands in Benin and an average of 16 percent of women doing so in less developed nations (2). Hmmm. Second, polygamy promotes individual rights and freedom. Sheez. Psychology Today. Historically, there have also been armies lead by women, or like the Amazon women, Queens who have lead countries who haven't married and were equally good in war and strategy. Let us look at how this works. It assumes that women were, have always, and will always be simple brood mares, here only to shoot out men's babies so other men can have sex with them later. 5 Pros and Cons of Representative Democracy, How To Leave An Emotionally Abusive Relationship, The Ability To Move Things With Your Mind, How To Tell Is Someone Is Lying About Cheating. I have been going to counseling for over 15 years and I am still fucked up. Polygamy, which is defined as the practice of having more than one spouse, is a common, and widespread, socially as well as culturally accepted phenomenon in many African countries [1,2]. The complexity of choice disappears, when you need to prefer only one companion for life. The west has severally try to change the natural world but it is not working. I, of course, would enjoy the variety and I wouldn't have to go to the Home Goods store anymore. If you write off half of your population, you're losing half of your potential to advance. We get tired of looking at you fat bald head and your fat beer gut. 1. Fifth, Atheism, Evolution, and their related ilk are just as much religions as those that they ironically condemn in the first place. If She does not accept it still, I will help her start a new life elsewhere without me and support the two girls we have in every way I can. Barber, N. (2008). Also the comments seem to be from bitter cultish types who like to name call, cherry pick, strawman, play the reversal game, than to have a legitimate conversation of the subject. #1 Sex benefits our health – More sex = better health. But that's the way middle eastern countries perceive and treat women: women have no real thoughts or feelings; women are unintelligent and therefor not allowed to drive cars or vote, women are less valuable than men, women are just something you own that provide housekeeping services, that cook for you, that give you sex on demand, that produce children (more property) for you (sort of like owning cattle) and you can replace, discard or kill any of the women you own when she becomes too old or too uppity. Otherwise, let your partner know). So long ad you're satisfied. How can women be so gullible and so weak minded? An example is Beijing one of the richest capitals of China females often complain about how the men who earn more money than them do not want them and the men who earn less than them or near the amount that the females do complain the females do not want them. And usually they do and live perfectly normal lives in a small safe community along with their family. Polyandry is illegal in virtually every country. Yes, hunter-gatherers benefited biologically and genetically from polygynous relationships. Many societies around the world marry not for love but for economic reasons. Natural laws? Talk whatever. The Koran requires that a man support all his wives equally, which generally confines the practice to … The most important reason that polygamy is out of place in the modern world is that it works best in agricultural societies where children contribute to farm labor and care of livestock (4). It can negatively affect children. Oh yeah, fun times for women in old Bagdad. Pathetic. There are no other lifeforms that have changed as much, as fast. As humans we need someone to love and make us feel loved. Refreshing to get both sides. Polygamy may be detested in developed countries but it is practiced to some degree in most societies studied by anthropologists. Studies in animal behavior show that polygynous mating systems (i.e., one male mating with several females) have at least three possible advantages. Polygamy is less prevalent where there are higher levels of education and urbanization. Consume drugs and you will be addicted, which can lead to psychology disorders. anonymous, I love you. The benefits of polygamy are numerous both for the husband and his wives – and these benefits are not concealed from the person who has true insight, because if a man was restricted to just one woman whilst there are numerous women in a society, then many woman will be deprived of … How Many Years of Life Will a Bad Relationship Cost You? In Islamic countries up to 4 wives and any number of "concubines" are allowed for men, but women in Islamic cultures/societies are put to death for having multiple sexual partners or sex outside of marriage. She said She did not plan on sleeping with another man ever as it is against her beliefs. The problem here is... Why on earth didn't you say that to your wife before you got her pregnant? The woman that I met in 2008 called to say we need to reconcile and She said She did not mind the presence of my new wife. Polygamy helps to reduce cases of cheating within the household. Since he has many children to marry off, he can create political ties with many other families and maintain good standing in the community. You chump! If we stick to the idea that our biology NEEDS us to seek out the best resources, then women would want to marry men with wealth and avoid men who have little to none, further widening that gap in the wealth distribution pattern. We also get tired of washing your nasty underwear and cooking for you. Polyamory can offer stress relief. Now with that being said, I agree with keeping women company, but I also want diversity of the gene pool, but NOT under the aegis of various Satanic race baiting bigots, rather, it is to PREVENT such fights from occurring in the first place. If her husbands are having sex with only her, then because of biology, population numbers will be seriously curbed. The rest of humanity becomes disposable meat for your pleasure and greed of dynasty. There are many studies showing the correlation between increased female autonomy and rights and increasing standard of living. And for women, it is in us. Polygyny has several economic, social, and health advantages over monogamy. It should be cherished rather than otherwise. And what about more revealing clothes for men too, and more abs and beautiful bodies? Third, females do better by sharing a mate who defends a good territory (with plenty of food and cover) than they would by opting to be the single mate in a bad territory. Improves social stability. Specialization became the name of this new human game, meaning that all parts of these new societies started needing all the rest of it. There was a scarcity of males, local diseases were a major issue and powerful men could monopolize wealth. Yes, the rise of agrarian culture was aided by more children to work these new-fangled farms. The evolution of large cities, and then countries, changed our brains, changed the factors that became desirable. If you write off half of your population, you're losing half of your potential to advance. Women, we are straight stupid for putting up with our husbands' mess. I think if the threat of abandonment were taken off the table, my wife would be happy to have another woman around to provide the close emotional support that I am, all too often, too dull-witted to provide. Barber, N. (2009). Remove sex at of it, polygamy has a place in modern society we try to deny. Then the wife has all the right to leave, but how terrible, as that man would have caused some kind of trauma or damage the woman he is with. Men were scared, because they knew women are the carriers of children, they see that as miraculous. That's both presumptuous and inaccurate of you to assume that older women don't want or need sex, and that ANY woman of any age would not care if she didn't share ownership of her husband's property/wealth/income, etc. Like a fenced bull, I can only watch the World and dream. POLYGAMY CREATES a clear social order, with distinct winners and losers. Second, colder winters made it impossible historically for mothers to raise children without substantial help from their husbands. We also are seeing this everywhere in highly developed countries Or cities. Cross-cultural variation in the motivation for uncommitted sex: The role of disease and social risks. Polygamy is considered to be immoral in many modern communities, but it actually has been around for a long time and has been practiced in numerous societies and in many religions over the years. This is indisputable. Maybe help each other mow the lawn. Gee, I wonder why women from around the globe are not swarming into Islamic countries by the millions, demanding to be sold into slavery? First, they keep precise genealogical records. Meaning, you don't mind betraying others, you don't mind hurting them. Polyamory works for people who have a lot of love to give, Farmer says. Neither do I think Monogamy is better or worse (well, I do believe it is better, but what do I know? They would work for somebody else's child? Females may complain about the fact of equality and it being unfair to the woman to have multiple children like she is "an object" it is up to her whether she wants to agree with it. You affected somebody's life in such a big way, now you cannot just leave. In times of natural disasters and diseases pandemics and in bad conditions men will always be relied on and needed. However men due to our genetic engineering do require at least some form of intimacy occasionally. Okay, let's take personal opinions, fantasies, and feelings out of this, and let's talk biology then. Do not pretend that females do not do this when choosing a partner by judging of their components that make up apart of their genetic makeup when looking for someone to have children with. This, in turn, brings about feelings of jealousy; in polygyny, for example, a wife may feel hurt and neglected when her husband spends time with his other wives, even when he does so only to fulfill his obligations to them. So, in effect, "serial polygamy" gives equal opportunity for both men and women to have legal multiple sexual partners, and is therefor more fair to women. Girlfriend...... you got it going on!! Refreshing to get both sides of the story. I wonder about polygamy from the perspective of communities where youth are not growing up with fathers. Muslims can have up to 4 wives. Explaining cross-national differences in polygyny intensity. Polygamy may enable a male to sire more offspring, but monogamy can, in certain circumstances, represent a more successful overall reproductive strategy. Skills, agility, performance, sex drive, innocence, and quite possible better sperm too! Greater companionship, higher income, and ongoing sexual variety are often cited as advantages of polygamous relationships. Oh, and I forgot to mention the genital mutilation part. ...or how about you give her a reason to be intimate with you and she learns to not be so selfish and be good to you that way when you are trying to be meeting her other needs in her life? She said when I am ready She will go. Sixth, surprisingly, I desire polygamy BECAUSE I want equality. You have holy writ, such as Das Kapital, On the Origin of the Human Species, or the Preservation of the Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life, Cosmos, and other books, they were written by people, and their beliefs were also spread, not only by the people that promoted these stupid ideas, but also by other "useful (useless) idiots (their words, not mine)" that bought into their little pyramid scheme. There are many studies showing the correlation between increased female autonomy and rights and increasing standard of living. As I have stated, people have different ways of thinking. If they murder somebody you love they didn't have to go through anything? Women deserve as many real men as they desire. It is illegal in many countries but many countries also allow it. It assumes that women were, have always, and will always be simple brood mares, here only to shoot out men's babies so other men can have sex with them later. Back in the caves, before religion, both were equally important. However, the consensus is that polygyny can flourish only in the context of gender inequality. As well, polygamy has historically been used in place of divorce in countries with limited grounds for divorce and high thresholds for proving those grounds (Marasinghe 1995: 72-73). (And at least according to Big Love, polygamy might offer other benefits to women: Bill's financial, emotional, and sexual headaches are the main engines of … It prevents healthy and loving relationships from developing. More hair in their head, please! 3. It depends in our culture, how we have been raised, our experiences, and what we want. If you want polygamy, let it be equal and explain that to your wife to be or partner. In that case I would say: equality. I told her She can see another man as well as long as the man will contribute to her upkeep(house, car, cosmetics, etc..). 1. You say those things BEFORE, not after. Welcome to Islam, folks, where human slavery is alive and well, and the norm. If there are two hens, let there be two rosters too. President Obama’s father belonged to the polygamous Luo tribe. What you described is purely disgusting. It ensures that widows and their children receive support. What do competitive creatures do when they feel threatened? Natural laws are what makes a dog bark and bite when they are afraid or angry... Natural laws that they can even have sex with their own children.. Natural laws to feel rage and want revenge when something is done to you that you feel unfair.. An eye for an eye and the world will be blind. Second, Mormons are a … Many husbands in polygynous relationships also become physically, verbally, and emotionally abusive because they feel that they have full control over their wives. While some groups hail the decline in the practice of polygamy, there is a conflict between the desire to protect African cultural traditions and increasing pressure to recognise women’s rights (Simmons 1999). For who is all of that? A man can impregnate over 100 women in his life time and a woman cannot have get children for 50 men on her life time. I'd give anything for that. germs and put them into her body. Wanting sex is healthy & shouldn't be considered vulgar. Like I said, you can do it BEFORE having children, married somebody who thought you were monogamous. In most cultures, women contribute significantly to the wealth of the household and can thus materially benefit from the labour of an additional spouse. We need to stop marrying these men. I wonder about polygamy from the perspective of communities where youth are not growing up with fathers. 1. In 2009, I met another woman and the same thing happened but She moved in and we got married 8 months after meeting each other and She also became pregnant. Most older women do not require or want a sexual relationship after a certain age but still need the resources of the relationship. The wide world of polygamy: We hate it, others love it. Get the help you need from a therapist near you–a FREE service from Psychology Today. The Washington Post. Concubines have even fewer rights than wives, if that's even possible. Do you think women don't miss the trill of someone new?? BOTH male and women feel attracted to other men and women. I divorced my new wife in December 2009 while living with her and explained that I will remarry her the traditional African way so that I will be able to take on a new wife. ), she's got two basic choices: do without, or share. This sexy outfits and lingerie too, so that you feel sexy and empowered and better about yourself.. And so on so on".

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